Announcement for launching the "border line of elite students. Precision poverty and promote development," the study's research activities

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According to the Party Organization Department Chongzuo, Chongzuo City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau organized Chongzuo << About 2016 'elite students of the border line. Precision poverty and promote development,' the spirit of the document notification >> activities, scheduled for Chongzuo In mid-July 2016 to mid-August organized 'elite students precise border rows and poverty and promote development' investigation and research activities, the organization of domestic key universities invite outstanding students went to the border to carry out investigation and research activities in Chongzuo, poverty reduction plans and strategies for the precise specific notice as follows:

First, the theme

· Precise border line of elite students poverty and promote development.

Second, the activities of the target range

'985' colleges reading master and doctoral students, especially good can be relaxed to undergraduate Any grade and specialty.

Third, the number of recruits

50 people.

Fourth, the social practice time

July 15, 2016 - 8 15th.

Five jobs

Ph.D., postdoctoral appointment as 'Chongzuo river revitalization of the old revolutionary base left Youth Research think tank,' the governing, hang a county (city, mayor or assistant director, graduate, undergraduate linked to any township (town mayor assistant or consultant accurate poverty.

Six itinerary

Week 1, arranged to counties (cities, districts, industrial parks to carry out investigation and research activities, Chongzuo familiar with the situation,

The first 2-4 weeks of field work in the township stagnation, poverty reduction plans and strategies for the township accurate (voluntary.

Seven relevant treatment

Round-trip transportation expenses reimbursement (limited trains, cars, living allowance 1500 yuan / person-months (distributed object to the township resident field staff stationed in the field to the township of accommodation and other county (city, district towns received specific implementation arrangement.

Other matters

Outstanding students Longzhou Longzhou membership can to Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Personnel Development Unit on-site registration, event registration form or send it directly to the mailbox: This activity Application deadline: June 10, 2016.

Outstanding issues, please contact Longzhou County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau staff Talent Development Unit, Tel: 0771-8830013.

Longzhou County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

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Traditional Chinese: 關於開展“名校學子邊關行.精準扶貧促發展”考察調研活動的公告

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