Wuzhou comprehensive high schools do work for Entrance Examination

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Near the entrance, Wuzhou City, the comprehensive high schools do an exam pro forma work to enable candidates to maintain a positive, confident state examination, and strive to achieve better results.

Currently, Wuzhou City, the high school senior teachers' sacrifice personal time to rest coaching candidates has become the norm, some schools for students strengthen critical guidance, the critical students work harder, the firm confidence of critical raw line No drilling problems, return books, is Wuzhou high school grade three teachers and students to fully prepare for the entrance of the main practices. for previous topic college entrance test center based high proportion of cases, Middle school teachers of all subjects to guide students to exam review regression textbooks, scientific basics carding points, to ensure that all basic test sites A prospective, the whole answer, do not drop points, lose points. the school party secretary Liqi Bin said that at present, grade three class time has been reduced, leaving more time to control the freedom of students to enable students based on personal knowledge of the short board for promotion of the consolidation. subjects any instructor in class, students answer questions at any time. in addition, the school organizes regular basis of the exam training, exercises to improve students' answer techniques, students feel the candidate, the candidate enhance confidence.

Do a good job candidates exam review at the same time, many more ways to guide high school high school student are appropriate, adjust the mentality of the candidate. Recently, Wuzhou eight in the organization of all daily physical exercise carried out the third year candidates, out of the classroom to encourage students to participate in exercise, relaxation body and mind, enhance physical fitness. the school guidance offices main Rendeng Wei said the school also arranged for the third year psychology teacher candidates psychology class, relieve tension candidates pro forma psychology. Yingkao to create a positive atmosphere, mobilize the enthusiasm of the students' pro forma, some schools also organized the third year students during recess singing inspirational songs, well-known inside and outside the district to hire teachers into the school for the third year pro forma working pulse, allow students to put down the psychological burden of traveling light.

Wuzhou many high school is a boarding school, the school to ensure high school seniors on nutrition is also under the foot. Wuzhou VII president Li Kongnan said before the entrance a week the school will be free of charge to the college entrance examination students with three meals a day diet. During the exam, the school uniform chartered shuttle candidates and from the examination room, so that candidates successfully reference Wuzhou high school high school student has begun to offer free eggs, soups and other foods, rich breakfast, lunch and dinner types of food, strict food quality control, eight in the canteen Wuzhou Release 'champion soup' and other Italian food head to college entrance examination candidates to send blessings. (reporter Liang Yan, such as

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Traditional Chinese: 梧州市各高中全面做好高考備考工作

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