Donghua University 2016 Undergraduate enrollment charter (1)

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[Abstract] published by the Ministry of Education, Donghua University 2016 Undergraduate enrollment charter. Non-art majors in school downshift line above, according to the provincial candidates Admissions provide Toudang results in descending order, followed by the candidates professional voluntary admission , among non-professional volunteer score differential.

General Provisions

Article 1 In order to ensure the smooth working of Donghua University undergraduate enrollment, enrollment regulate behavior, improve the quality of students, schools and safeguard the legitimate interests of the candidates, according to the People's Republic of China Education Law << >> << People's Republic of China Higher Education Act >> and other relevant laws and the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Education, combined with Donghua University undergraduate enrollment situation, formulated regulations.

Article School Name: Donghua University Address: Renmin Road, Songjiang District, No. 2999 (Songjiang, Shanghai Yan No. 1882 (Yan'an Road Campus of the higher authorities: People's Republic of China Ministry of Education and school level type: public undergraduate, full-time, '211 project' school.

Article certificates: where to reach graduation requirements are specified in years, the People's Republic of China issued by the Ministry of Education producer of Donghua University undergraduate diploma, degree-granting schools in line with the relevant provisions issued ordinary bachelor's degree graduates of higher education certificate.

Article Donghua University Enrollment will fully implement the Party's education policy and the spirit of the document the Ministry of Education, Culture and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics builders, stick Lide tree people, practice the socialist core values, the spirit of fairness , fair and open manner, a comprehensive measure of the candidates moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic merit.

Chapter II Organization and responsibilities

Article I Undergraduate Admissions Enrollment organization by the leading group, undergraduate admissions committee, undergraduate admissions office three institutions. Enrollment leading group is the highest decision-making body, the unified leadership of the school undergraduate enrollment, undergraduate admissions committee is an advisory body , responsible for decision-making advice and guidance to school-related departments to carry out undergraduate admissions, undergraduate admissions committee to attract teachers, students and alumni representatives to fully play its role in the democratic supervision and management of the enrollment work leading group. undergraduate admissions office Executive mechanism.

Article Donghua University Undergraduate Admissions Office is responsible for the daily work of the school's undergraduate admissions its responsibilities are:

1. Strict implementation of the Ministry of Education enrollment policies and provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities admissions committee supplementary provisions and implementation details,

2. The sub-areas in accordance with the preparation of the Ministry of Education issued the annual enrollment plan and the relevant provisions of sub-professional enrollment plan origin,

3. Conduct enrollment advocacy, advisory services, to the candidates and parents of the school admissions policy and the situation,

4. objectively and fairly complete enrollment,

5. fulfill college enrollment information disclosure respective responsibilities,

6. with the school authorities to enroll new students for review,

7. Complete the education authorities and other work assigned by the school.

Article VII of the school to set up a school for the head of the Commission for Discipline Inspection enrollment monitoring group to monitor the work of its admissions process to ensure fair admissions and fair.

Chapter III Admission and enrollment plan

Article VIII Donghua University Enrollment unified leadership by the Ministry of Education, according to 'the school is responsible, Admissions oversight' principle, to carry out school enrollment work in the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities organize the Admissions Committee.

Article IX schools in accordance with national policy requirements, according to the actual situation of their own school conditions, considering the number of candidates for each region, the quality of students, coordinated regional development, factors of school in recent years, and so the source programming, a comprehensive analysis to determine the source of the school program. Our school 2016 undergraduate enrollment plan 3500, sub-provinces professional enrollment plan announced by the relevant provincial admissions unity to the community.

School enrollment will be 1% of the total planned as a reserve plan, mainly for the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the regulation of the quality of students and solve the same score candidates admitted.

2016 my school most of the professional practice according to their professional Enrollment. When you press the same regardless of the professional category of professional recruit undergraduate enrollment, after the completion of basic education categories, according to their own development goals, interests, strengths and abilities, Credit based training program, choose the professional category in pursuing a profession (in order to ensure training quality, the college will be based on economic and social development needs and the actual situation of internal and external resources, set within various professional categories attending limit. the choice of a number of professional studying beyond the limit, to adopt some of merit selection methods, specific methods, see the college website or written announcement.

2016 my school science experiment classes continue enrollment. Science test class is excellent new 'strengthen basic, individualized, shunting train,' the key teaching classes. Students after the trial class to complete basic studies, in principle, can select the relevant professional within the school (professional category learning. occurrence of a profession (professional categories selected too many students, the school intends to take the necessary assessment procedures to determine the rest of the students and the students can make appropriate arrangements.

Article X Admission principles

1, art majors

<< Donghua University Press published in 2016, our school of Arts Major Graduate Admissions Guide >>, << Donghua University 2016 Undergraduate Admissions Guide >> performance determined implementation of the principle of admission.

2, non-art majors

Provincial Admissions according to my local school enrollment plan and Toudang ratio will apply for my first choice school students from high to low (including provincial Admissions to confirm compliance with state regulations entrance (Classic Course) plus Toudang project control in less than 120% of the principle of proportionality Toudang according parallel Application batches controlled within 105% of the downshift principle of proportionality in the school downshift line above, according to the provincial candidates Admissions provide scores toudang in descending order, followed by professional and voluntary admission of candidates, among non-professional volunteers scores differential. in the case of the same batch of admission control scores online less than their first choice of students, according to the provincial admissions number of non-first choice candidates does not exceed 100% of the remaining number of enrollment plan will be Toudang, students still lack the collecting voluntary, collecting voluntary still inadequate, our school enrollment plan can be deployed to the rest of the students plenty of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities to arrange admission.

3, high school classes for Xinjiang, Tibetan Classes, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese student enrollment, etc. in accordance with relevant state regulations.

4, subject to the relevant requirements

Language defines: English (excellent course) Professional limit recruit English language candidates, Japanese professional limit recruit English or Japanese language candidates, Joint Education and professional execution by the relevant requirements after other professional candidates into the school foreign language (course) to learn languages. English, some courses in English version textbook in English.

5, the implementation of preferential policies

(1 school I recognized the provinces (autonomous regions and municipal education authority regulations in line with the national policy of extra points.

(2 self-enrollment, special programs and universities, comprehensive evaluation of admission, a high level troupe enrollment, enrollment and high level sports teams like unripe admissions policies and admission principles published by the relevant brochures and public information to perform qualified candidates.

(3 of the same candidates as I can enjoy a number of preferential policies school, whichever is the most favorable one entrance cultural achievements.

6, according to medical standards, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, China Disabled Persons' Federation issued << college entrance examination guidance >> and the relevant supplementary regulations.

Voluntary reporting and examination subjects Chapter IV

Article XI candidates to fill professional Enrollment by professional volunteer, should fill the province announced professional categories and code, by completing the Enrollment of professional volunteer, should fill the province announced the professional and code.

Article XII of test subjects selected by the provincial Ministry of Education and Admissions according to my school requirements, to the public before the candidates to declare their voluntary. Jiangsu candidates (including self-enrollment and a high level of academic proficiency test candidates troupe election test subjects performance levels required to achieve 2B (apply for poor rural areas targeted recruitment special programs and college enrollment plan special candidates are required to achieve this requirement).

Article XIII apply for my school art professional candidates are required to participate in the national entrance before my school prescribed professional examination, did not pass the qualifying examination, can not be admitted to the profession.

Chapter V Supplementary Provisions

Article XIV The school has a national award (grants, the Shanghai Municipal Government award (grants, scholarships, and Donghua University, more than 50 social enterprises by the Eminent Persons established by the Society Award (help) scholarship, the school through the national student loans, work-study, a variety of poverty-relief measures for poverty-relief grants, tuition reimbursement, school - poverty loans, interim financing difficulties, social support, skills helping the vulnerable, etc., provide varying degrees of financial support for families with economic difficulties and students.

Article XV freshmen, in accordance with relevant provisions of the State and school admission review. Review unqualified students, according to the relevant provisions of the enrollment process.

Tuition fees and accommodation in accordance with Article XVI of our school, Ministry of Education and the relevant provisions of the Shanghai Price Bureau approved standards.

Fees and school campuses:

1. Tuition

(1 general professional per year per person is 5000 yuan.

(2 art majors each year to 10,000 yuan per person.

(3 Joint Education and professional every year to 12,000 yuan (domestic, clothing and apparel design professional (Sino-Japanese cooperation, clothing and apparel design professional (Sino-British and Environmental Design (Sino-German cooperation in the Light Chemistry Engineering per person each year British cooperation was 30,000 yuan per person (domestic.

(4 computer classes under the Electronic and Information Engineering and Computer Science and Communication Engineering Technology, Electronic Information under the 6500 yuan per person per year, Management Science and Engineering under the Information Management and Information System for the 6500 yuan per person per year, after the completion of the professional categories of basic education, choose to attend the students according to the specialty of the tuition fee to pay school tuition, and after the previous academic year tuition difference between the science test class professional shunt pay, students to learn professional school tuition to pay tuition fees, and payment of the difference between the previous academic year tuition.

2, accommodation standards

Per person per year to 1200 yuan.

3, school campuses

Art, fashion design and engineering, economic management test classes, management science and engineering, economics and other professional category or professional categories attending Yan'an Road Campus, professional or other professional categories attending Songjiang campus.

Article XVII the Undergraduate Admissions Office Address: 1882 West Yan'an Road, Shanghai (Zip code: 200051.

School Web Site: http: // enrollment URL: http: //

Admissions Office Tel: 021-62379160 supervision Tel: 021-67792259

Article 18 The articles of association by the Donghua University Admissions Office is responsible for interpretation.

Article XIX of this Constitution of the date of promulgation. Original enrollment charter abolished. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 東華大學2016年本科招生工作章程(1)

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