Security experts to resolve false university admissions fraud

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Entrance sprint stage, 'grouse' admissions fraud once again usher in a period of high. May 18 Baidu joint university network security jointly issued << on university networks fifth Chinese University of false alerts list (2016 73) >> the list of this year's show is still rampant fake university. It is reported that this list are all fake university college is not the Ministry of Education in 2016 among the list of colleges and universities.

Network security experts pointed out that through the list of 'China University of false alert list' of the sort can be seen, with no false university educational qualifications, do not have the enrollment eligibility of 'The Painted College', as well as colleges and universities under the guise of selling fake diplomas implement two online fraud The most prominent class.

'Painted Skin' elite scam to cheat time

No educational qualifications 'grouse' the most common and often the most difficult to recognize. These 'grouse' has the school, enrollment, teaching a set of seemingly formal system, but there is no educational qualifications of non-academic training institutions, even tall order to show the status on their own, but also by rental elite schools, through the official website background boasted self, and 'graduation organization of work' as the lure to attract students, but the school did not actually issue such diploma and degree certificate, students after school most discouraging school leavers will be a variety of reasons, the harm to students is not only money, but time is irreparable.

'Code' school consumer 'grouse'

Compared to time-consuming mask-style 'grouse', called on behalf of modern science and technology universities such fraud by fake universities splicing name, some 'fake university' name from the more convincing than the real university, such as regular universities 'Beijing information Science and Technology' and fake university 'information Engineering, Beijing University,' almost people can not distinguish the authenticity. after a realistic its name, is to build the school's official website. in order to be more realistic, these 'grouse' will bring on 'academic validation' function, or even give a false 'third-party certification website.' due to very much the same, a kind of 'grouse' by copying the code only takes a few minutes to complete, but you can buy by the name of 'graduation card 'bait, such as the University of fraud amounted to hundreds of millions per year.

Of course, there are numerous 'grouse' hoax remain the same, mostly based on fish in a way to eliminate candidates, parents wary, and then with great temptation to cheat. Baidu security experts have warned that the college entrance examination and their parents before they apply, must holding cautious voluntary reporting. sit careful reading instruction document issued by the school, college enrollment full attention to the screening, not to rely on other sources, and even telephone, mobile phone text messages sent to universities or information related to notice. and for 'grouse 'the most usual official website trick can also be used Baidu security and university network launched a' false university interrogator 'query University is in the' grouse 'list. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 安全專家解析虛假大學招生欺詐

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