Deep Junior High School students to grow as many famous escort

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Guangdong Province, the first school of young teachers teaching competition Shenzhen Chinese subject trials held in March this year, Deep Junior High School teacher Zhao to the city directly under the identity of the first schools to participate in the competition, with the other districts singles out outstanding teachers fierce competition will emerge and eventually won the first prize of success as Shenzhen, the only public universities affiliated to always adhere to the deep middle school teachers to create an exchange, cooperation, and explore teaching platform to create high-quality teachers, for students to grow escort convoy.

Teachers award success

It is reported that Guangdong Province, the first school of young teachers teaching competition by the municipal area trials and trials of two parts. In the course of the game, Zhao teacher all the way through, first won the first place award in the city directly under the school's competition, followed by city directly under him as the sole representative of the school to participate in municipal trials and finals in every aspect of the game in both outstanding performance, won the first prize in the final success.

Deep Junior High School teacher Zhao just a microcosm of teachers, teacher opened deep middle school transcripts, honor teachers in a variety of projects at all levels get too numerous to mention, such as the recently held directly under the Shenzhen junior high school teaching skills competition, deep Junior High School language group Shan-Shan Li, Wen Chun mathematics group, physical group Pei three disciplines where teachers won the first prize, the Prince biological group Yiyi teachers eligible for the second biological group, the group of English teachers Xu Yue Wen won the English group three in the country, 'a division one excellent lesson, a lesson a teacher' course selection, school Xie Weiwei, Zhang Wenchun, Huang Di three teachers won the 'National outstanding Award' ......

Reporters learned that, in recent years, Deep Junior High School teachers hosted and participated in more than 10 provincial and municipal education scientific research projects in deep middle school teachers, showing the 'three firsts' are: 'Eleventh five-year' plan of Education the number of key topics, the city's first, excellence in Education City, the first scientific achievement award number, the city's first, the number of senior secondary school teachers, the city's first. In 2011, deep Junior High School became the first in Guangdong Province batch of teachers training practice base in 2015, the school became the first batch of Shenzhen, education and scientific research base school.

Teacher effects of radiation on campus

Teachers guide students to learn, but also the implementation of the school's teaching work, deep middle school teachers familiar with the truth. Principals in Shenzhen, Shenzhen under the 2015 Top Ten principals Liu heavy good leadership, deep Junior High School in recent years teachers and students to adhere to the common progress for the students, the teachers build a platform for growth.

Deep Junior High School has set up seven university 'Blue Project' Teachers (studio teacher, including three teachers and four teacher studio studio studio by the moderator, tutor, members of the student composition, wherein the tutor Shenzhen University professor served as moderator by the school as outstanding teachers and head teachers, school leaders and chaired by a member of teaching and research, students are helping young school teacher. 'blue project' to take on mentoring upgrade team with team the way to become a school teacher incubators and young teachers grow cradle.

In addition to these seven teachers working outdoors, Junior High School also has a deep secondary school teachers are senior teachers Huxing Song presided over the 'Guangdong Province Primary and Secondary Teachers Workshop' and 'Shenzhen, the first batch of scientific experts studio education', 3 in Shenzhen City teacher, class studio. studio members both excellent teachers and other parts of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, there are school teachers in related disciplines. studio carry out educational activities, so that the school teachers to create a good learning opportunity to exchange ideas.

As the city's only high school affiliated Gongbantaixue, Deep Junior High School enjoy a unique educational advantages. The school hired Shenzhen University 13 famous professors as subject expert guidance, while the teacher into the university, as the Normal College, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen University and Elementary Education part-time teachers teacher development Research Center. University of relying on the unique advantages of education, focused on two-way interaction, and effectively promoting the deep middle school teachers' professional development and post talent, truly, let more famous teacher, so that more capable backbone. growing the teacher team, not only enhance the brand influence deep middle school, but also for the development of a comprehensive and deep personality Junior High School students escort.

Reporters also learned from Deep Junior High School, in order to allow more people to understand the school, deep Junior High School High School will be held on May 20 (Friday, May 21 and May 28 (both Saturday and Admission Counseling open campus events, three days are special arrangements Admission counseling report. Welcome to all parents and students will participate in school activities, and teacher face to face, a comprehensive understanding of the school. reporter Chen Chien Wen Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 深大附中名師薈萃為學生成長護航

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