Beautiful half tie hair tutorial temperament goddess is so Tempered

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REVIEW: If you want to transform the goddess of temperament, the light has a long curly hair, but not enough, on the basis of the original hair, if spend a small mind, DIY tie an elegant fine hair, you must be able to image plus a lot of points, the following small series will introduce two beautiful half tie hair tutorial step easy to learn, but it can bring out the shape of temperament sense for you, oh source: beauty network

Beautiful half tie hair tutorial temperament goddess is so Tempered

If you dislike the disc sent to bring the feeling of old-fashioned and too serious, and that these two half-bar made sure for you, Zhaqi tress refined aesthetic, while scattered tail pure delicate shoulders, simple steps, temperament goddess belong to you.

Style 1

Style 1

The first strand of hair entangled hair and circled behind the middle, with hair slightly curled at the end, both sides of the face at the same time a few scattered fine hair, retro styling elegance, Mature temperament prominent.

Style 1 · step 1

Style 1 · before

Model is a brown hair in curls, upper part vertically along the stick, the lower half curled fluffy.

Style 1 · step 1

First, the ears as the dividing line, the hair is divided into two parts before and after.

step 2-3

Style 1 · step 2

The hair behind the ear to ear again as the boundary is divided into upper and lower layers and upper hair tie up.

Style 1 · step 3

The upper layer of hair from above the rubber band to separate a fraction, then flipped up hair bundle from the outer portion into the slit, so that the hair bundle in the back to form a circle.

step 4-5

Style 1 · step 4

Ear hair in front of a bunch of polymerization, which twist around to the back of the head and wound just flip looped strand of hair with a hairpin fixed.

Style 1 · step 5

The other side of the front ear hair just repeat the operation, half a retro elegant bar made so complete it.

Style 2

Style 2

Tails tied knot with a strand of hair behind the complex site, with flaxen hair curled beneath fluffy hair, beautiful brown and red hair color, hair style romantic and sweet, charming index score.

Style 2 · step 1

Style 2 · before

Bar made of a former model Large fluffy red-brown curls.

Style 2 · step 1

And on the same hairstyle, first to the ears as the dividing line into the hair and down about four parts, the upper part of the hair tied into a flip to the inside back out of the beam to form a pattern in Fig.

step 2--3

Style 2 · step 2

The front side of the ear hair is divided into two beams, and reverse the formation of a bunch of intertwining braids.

Style 2 · step 3

The braids around her head, lateral step in fixing a strand of hair at the bottom of torsion.

step 4--5

Style 2 · step 4

With the tail just fixed the hair bundle, and the other side before the ear hair woven together with a ponytail.

Style 2 · step 5

Likewise the fixed lateral ponytail in the back, pay attention to the internal tail hair with a hairpin hair tie good possession. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 唯美半紮發教程 氣質女神就是這樣煉成的

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