9-year-old girl standing 19 house rules: Prohibition Mom and Dad brother bedwetting gas

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Great pair of beautiful eyes, a smile revealing a row of white teeth, 9-year-old elementary school sophomore in Su Meng Ke is. She recently did a 'big', not only the father and brother instill obedience tube, mother also moved to a mess, address him little daughter is heaven sent savior.

The original, made in Ke brochures, above all << >> house rules, a total of 19 rules, a family of four needs to get rid of bad habits and to comply with the rules are inside.

Not want to see mom and dad fight

She decided to give family members standing rules

Ke Li to give the family house rules, the initial impetus was father and mother quarrel.

One day, she and her brother playing in a small room, suddenly heard a big brawl outside in her impression, Mom and Dad have a good relationship, rarely quarrel, quarrel that she was impressed.

'If they do not fight enough.' The idea is very simple to Ke, school discipline hanging on the wall, we all have to abide by, the family may have.

So, she spent an hour, from painting to writing and start a family rules >> << booklet. There are four comic book cover, around the 'house rules of the record' a few words, she also specifically drawn border, looks quite archaic.

Said that the booklet, there are only two. After opening the 'build a happy, beautiful family,' eight red characters prominently written in the middle. Comics body members as well as my signature and the edge of the red handprint.

All roads are reasonable rules

Idle dad used to be put to live

That the house rules >> << Ke, the father and brother 'problems' at most, there are six rules that are followed, they have four Kexin mother at least, only three, because my mother the most difficult, so in her opinion , the mother can 'willful' a little.

The daughter's performance, my mother Zhanglan Lan was so amazed, especially for the shortcomings of his family, she did not expect to see a very young age issue sharply.

For example, my father has a bad habit in the military industry, after dinner in bed watching TV, playing phone. Family and talk to him for a long time before answering, a long time, other family members have their views.

Even worse, sometimes playing chess << >> mobile games, 6-year-old son went over to the crowd, the two results is less than 11 to 12 o'clock in the evening does not end.

In order to thoroughly 'cure' Daddy, Ke needle in the development of the six rules. All roads are true, so in the military industry speechless, can only 'toe.'

Now, in the military industry night only for an hour, phone, go to bed early the next day the spirit indeed is much better.

Child in the eyes of house rules

Dad requirements

Every night the phone can only play one hour

Multi help her mother with household chores, do not mess with mother angry

The uncle's house to play, only three to four hours

Mom requirements

Do more housework, less curse

Own requirements

Large room can sleep two days one week, and the remaining five days sleeping small room

I can not fight with his brother

Brother requirement

You can not always eat

Not bedwetting (trainee reporter Xue Wenchun / Essays fill method / photo

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Traditional Chinese: 9歲女孩立19條家規:禁止爸爸氣媽媽弟弟尿床

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