Eachway "home - lenient" Art of Living show debut

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Lead: May 12, by the cutting-edge galleries EACHWAY Eachway planning effort organized cross-border life art exhibition [home - mercy] opened in Shenzhen City Big Wave fashion creative --EACHWAY Eachway Creative Industry Park.

'Home - lenient' Living Art Exhibition

As a sub-activities of the twelfth Fair, this art exhibition [home - mercy] and the handling of personal items through artistic means, with their families, the relationship between life and runs through the 'family' as the primary emotion clues, the exhibition is divided into three parts: the passing of 'home' to find 'home' and 'mercy' Art exhibition combing through the debris looking for memories and life stories to inspire the majority of visitors and exhibits a dialogue with. their past dialogue, think together about practical significance of these memories have to maintain all the feelings in today's rapidly changing possessed.

'Home - lenient' Living Art Exhibition

About [gone 'home']:

Find the first part of the prototype of life, through family photo albums, files, documents, these stories about us back home at the arrival of the common historical memory of these images converge at the moment, let us in this space carefully independent thinking. ' home 'in the sense of the moment, through continuous dialogue with the past, with their dialogue, produce' home 'of the topic and emotion.

The second part of the exhibition invite the general public to participate in activities, collected on the 'home' profile. Exhibition is no longer an empty box, which are closely linked with each of us, where everyone is exhibition of 'hero' can enjoy to express their feelings, express their own stories of these extraordinary stories, shallow memories of fragments of our memory forever home.

'Home - lenient' Living Art Exhibition

About [Find 'Home']:

Collection 'home' of old objects and stories, including furniture, toys, kitchen equipment, bedding, clothing, shoes, hats, etc., are the recipient and the general public daily used items of all times. Each item has a card, fill in the relationship between history and the item master. Retracing and 'home' for the thing, cause to rethink three decades of upheaval in the era of 'home'.

'Home - lenient' Living Art Exhibition

About [ 'mercy' Art Exhibition]:

Invitation fashion artists and traditional arts and crafts artists, performed a spectacular art and fashion dialogue through interactive live performances, so that more visitors distance perception and experience traditional folk craft wonderful, while the traditional perception of the audience again Folk Art from the hands of the artists covered in the emotional temperature, so that contemporary art into public life, is declining, endangered traditional culture provides display window, boldly explore a new way of traditional folk crafts and contemporary heritage continuation .

The exhibition, through remodeling our 'home' culture, collection, showcasing 'home' memories, old things and stories, working with artists, arts Sambo village, Omi art for the public to create artistic 'family' atmosphere, to guide the public Reflections connotation of 'home' to inspire the public to pursue more sophisticated, artistic way of life. At the same time, an exhibition in cooperation with Guizhou intangible heritage inheritors, through on-site interpretation of the works show the way, triggering public concern about the arts and crafts, arts and crafts regain value, traditional culture into fashion a new vitality.

EACHWAY Eachway founder & chief designer fashion, cutting-edge EACHWAY Hui Arts and curator Zhao Hui Chau introduction, 'We hope that through the use of ICIF platform to attract, inspire all kinds of fashion enterprises to strengthen the application of traditional culture, the promotion of traditional Shenzhen technology rooting in the soil and into fashion culture in lifestyle. '

'Home - lenient' Living Art Exhibition

[Home - mercy] on cross-border art exhibition is the starting point of the 'home' in memories, at the same time, extending the exhibition in Shenzhen Happy Coast [X = ten | design - life - family] will be a new opening in side are expanded, full of many interactive activities, such as parent-child painted to explore children's creativity activities, through time and space home studio, full of tradition and cultural characteristics, 'Miao village Miaoxiu' embroidery performance will also be carried out simultaneously.

Hui cutting-edge galleries of the Arts is Eachway Fashion Group, founded the non-profit Museum of Modern Art, 'We believe that art and culture and our lives, to regain those topics by memories hosted by modern media means, to start a emotional memories lifted people movement, make this world because of our perception and better. 'Zhao Hui Chau said.

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Traditional Chinese: 藝之卉“家-手下留情”生活藝術展亮相

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