Nanjing private primary school enrollment hot Parents worry about children not question God is buried

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Nanjing Jianye District Elementary School held two private primary freshmen interviews, attracting a large number of parents (microblogging) children attend only Hexi Jinling High School campus, there are 3,500 students compete for more than 200 school places, enrollment ratio is about 15: 1. Zhiyuan Foreign Language school competition is quite fierce, enrollment of nearly 3,000 people.

Yangzi Evening News reporter Watch Hexi Jinling Middle School Campus Primary site interviews, found schools around the 'Wizard Show' theme set a number of games, in the course of the game for observation to understand the child's mastery of knowledge and life skills, thinking ability and talent potential, a child about 20-30 minutes to complete, however unexpected is much parents worry site:. '! test such a short time, there is no 'God question' children will be buried.'

Social Schools how the fire?

Public school enrollment ratio of private school choice difficult 15: 1

Six o'clock in the morning, had just graduated from kindergarten flower children, then with his parents, arrived at the west gate of Jinling High School campus.

When the family arrived, the school gate has been surrounded by a group of parents and children. Parents inquire into the side of each message, urged children to quickly put aside the hands of eating breakfast, 'into the classroom teacher to remember to ask good! Do not tense ah! 'there are individual parents early to let the children put on a small suit, marked with a small bow tie, the children demonstrate how to recite a poem. Coincidentally, Zhiyuan Foreign Language Primary School entrance interview was held on the same day activities, but also crowded.

It is understood that under the strict control of public primary school and junior high school choice context, private schools soared this year, especially in the old private school, it is sought after by parents.

'Primary enrollment this year, originally planned to nine classes, as of May 10, nearly 4,000 people last online registration of candidates actually registered about 3,500 people, the final admission ratio is about 15: 1,' Jinling High School Hexi Branch responsible person Yangzi Evening News told reporters that in recent years have been relatively Hexi Branch elementary favored by the parents, and the educational philosophy and school level are inseparable. At the same time, but also with parents about school choice psychology.

Reporters learned that this year, Nanjing has added a mysterious outside the school to the Drum Tower experimental primary school, outside the school to Qin, Zheng outside the school to, Nanjing Foreign Language School Youth Olympic Village Primary School and a number of private primary school, private primary schools which emerged 'do not first fire 'of the situation.' many parents are not willing on the front of the primary school, want to give the children a chance to fight for school choice. under the direction of a strict control of public school choice, the private school choice has become. 'Nanjing, a industry veteran analyzed, popular private schools, reflects the desire of parents for quality educational resources, but parents can not be too blindly, or to be selected according to the actual situation.

Interviews were talking about?

Interview in batches, children experience the 'Wizard show'

Yesterday, the Yangtze Evening News reporter went to the Jinling High School Hexi Branch Primary site interview, conducted field visits.

On the school playground, nearly 20 staff word column open, hands holding different number plate, according to the parents of pre-printed card activity, to find their own area.

Soon, the staff friendly playground away from the parents, then the children's chest paste a number plate, respectively, and then the kids split queuing under the leadership of teachers, to the school building.

According to the person in charge of primary school, this time specifically for prospective first-year freshmen to create a 'colorful elves show' experience activities, let the children 'happy to go to school, happily out of school.' Reporters observed at the school gate after experience the event, every half hour, then the school gate for a new group of parents of children in the total number of 500 people. it seems, every child to participate in activities to experience time, it is about half an hour or so.

Let the children learn to sing a story, not test math

It is understood that this activity is divided into elves show experience: life show, show expression, thinking the show, talent show four parts, each part has a special game settings, and even foreign teachers also came to help.

A reporter first came to the classrooms, the classroom there are 14 teachers and two teachers for each child to communicate. 'Children, you know the direction from which the sun rises every day? And from which direction it fall?' 'I know ah , rises in the east, from the west. '' you're awesome! '

It turned out that the children were living knowledge of the test, as well as topics traffic signs, seasonal changes, diet and other aspects of the festival. However, although many children have been to Sun Yat-sen did not know, which makes the teacher a bit surprised.

Then, the teacher gave the children a picture, let the children talk about what this picture, can weave a story - this is mainly to see the child's skills and imagination. 'Some of the children is great, not only can the screen Lane have said, and also expand their own imagination. 'a teacher smiled and told reporters, even if a child up timid, the teacher will encourage them to go on, the subject is no right answer, as long as the child is able to' justify 'will be able to get high Minute.

Reporters found that, although primary interview and did not test the arithmetic, but examine the thinking of many interesting topics, such as watching graphic variation to pick exam, and several How many bees, butterflies on a map, as well as building blocks find the maze of questions. 'some children will not also be able to respond quickly with children, or thinking can be reflected.'

Finally, the children come to a new room, where not only nice teachers, foreign teachers to help out. 'The children, talk to the bearded uncle learned some English songs, we listen and then do follow the action, sing along, OK? '' good! 'under the leadership of foreign teachers and Chinese teachers, everyone happily sing and dance.' this link will look at the child's language pronunciation and coordination, etc., in addition to listening to the teacher will let the children play beat, take a look at the child's sense of music and other conditions. 'a teacher recruitment parsing said.

How parents anxiety?

Young convergence spend million, or live test Hexi school Xianlin

While activities in full swing, the other side of the new batch of students and parents have been waiting for. Team, there was a very lively little boy, are 'Zilai Shu' initiative and reporters talking.

Reporters asked the child, 'Do you know what today is to attend the event?' The boy cried, 'I know, my mom took me to have been on a lot of class one, I did a lot of the subject matter!'

The boy's mother told reporters, in order that he can on the elementary school, the family began to shift from young children to the reception class, has spent tens of thousands.

The reporter found that the mother and cherish the same mentality of the parents have a lot. 'I live in Xianlin, a newspaper outside the South Xianlin campus interviews, also reported west campus, as well as outside the school to mysterious. Originally Zhiyuan I also want their children to try, but the two schools crashed, I'd choose the west campus. '

The reporter found that less than half an hour to see the children from the 'examination room' out, some parents actually was 'not fun.' 'Out so quickly, and can not fully test? My baby does have a lot of expertise. '

One father told reporters that her daughter learned to dance, piano, painting is also very good. 'We recently gave the child mouth Zhang House Garden Underground reported a side entrance sprint classes, mathematical thinking also recently improved a lot. I think daughter is very good, I hope to test some of the more content, in order to fully demonstrate the comprehensive quality of the child. '

Look at the school's response

'God question' does not advocate, want their children to go to school like

With high-quality private primary school enrollment hot, some local elementary school interview questions are also various online when God questions spread everywhere.

'Parents Circle outgoing God question, in fact, does not represent the majority of young-liter small content test activities, want parents to have a peace of mind, but also to meet the children a calm attitude of primary school life.' Hexi Jinling Middle School Zhu Yan campus principal, said the school has parents in completing the online screening material, the part of the students into the school to build the file. Since the number of applicants is too much, but the school also hopes to have way more truly Learn the full accomplishment of the child and about to give school children the opportunity to create a campus teacher of dialogue, a chance to show their.

Zhu Yan, principal explained that the interview time is set at the school also had many discussions, proposed a variety of plans. Finally, we agreed that part of the interview not to let the sunshine happy children, and bear the physical and mental development is not consistent pressure . 'we set the contents of the interview, it is also closely related to life, abandon the complicated questions no wonder kids biased pleasant talk, talk about relaxing. we hope this interview will help children build a 'good primary school' the concept, like primary school children, like teachers, like school. '(Yangzi Evening News all media reporter Wang Jing Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 南京民辦小學招生熱 家長擔憂沒神題孩子被埋沒

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