Wuxi into a quiz before the election to fill professional and what is better

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| Wuxi before a quiz to fill professional and choose what is better | before a test to fill professional and choose what is better | before a test to fill professional |

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Expertise Introduction

The professional training of the students should be more systematic grasp of basic theories of Marxism basic principles of economics and international economics and management, basic knowledge and basic skills in international trade, understand the status of the development of contemporary international economic and trade, familiar with international trade rules and practices, as well as China's foreign trade policies and regulations, understand the socio-economic situation and the major countries of the region, can in foreign economic and trade department, foreign-funded enterprises and government agencies engaged in practical business, management, research and advocacy planning work of the senior specialized personnel, with theoretical analysis and practical operation of the basic capabilities, with a strong foreign language skills.

Popular specialties: Specialty: [correspondence, amateur, academic years and a half]

Science and Arts: International Economy and Trade, economic management, legal affairs, business administration, commerce, tourism management, marketing, accounting HISTORY categories: language education, social education, Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese Science and Engineering: Applied Computer Technology , construction engineering, machinery manufacturing and automation, electromechanical integration technology Agronomy: crop production technology, horticultural technology, forestry, agricultural economics and management, veterinary, livestock

Original literature:

Some people say, like a city must be because the city is home to the one you can not forget, but for grapefruit, the city did not want to leave just because the plants and trees of the city, and her dream.

First set foot in the city of Beijing, grapefruit does not know what happens in here. It felt kind of intimate Beijing and natural life, as if from a dream embarked on Beijing to further Yuzu said Beijing for Dream because it is too busy too too cold.

I asked grapefruit, grapefruit love and dreams which important smiled, she said:?. 'Everyone is yearning for love, you can for me, a dream about it optional after all, it is my soul, without it, I can not live in isolation. '

Maybe I know about love and dreams grapefruit attitude, a person is born, it is destined to face everything alone. Everyone has had to pursue hope dream come true. Is not unrealistic to believe in fairy tales, it allows us to remain alive simple and warm.

Dream grapefruit more than three years, she said: 'Today, I have not been able to realize my dream, the dream of a good road I walk alone, no support, no one knows, but so what.? I have always believed, I will realize it, with my perseverance, with my talent, with my passion and my dream is so solitary writer, nobody cares. I have to keep pure heart, will one day shine . '

Grapefruit is not never met before love, she also loved, deeply loved, her love and dedication and no less crazy dream man she met at the time, for her sight, she abandoned him to dream, walk with him in various cities until they break up.

Grapefruit said: 'I order him to give me the most precious thing in exchange for such a result what I figure when you're desperate for a person to pay, you pay will become cheap that everyone should have??. their own bottom line, even if you love again, even if you are afraid of losing again. can not have both fish and bear's paw, love and dreams but they can have both. now, I most regret is not to lose him, but have time I threw my dream. '

Contact information:

Wuxi Station:

Contact: Zhu

Phone: 13382220711

QQ: 3320401547

Address: Five Love Road, South District, Wuxi City of Light Building, 904 18

Landline: 0510-82698222

Bus: 1122112011182 square off until five love

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Traditional Chinese: 無錫成考考前填專業選什麽比較好

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