Mr Justice French research City Board of peace-building

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May 11, Municipal Committee, Politics and Law Committee secretary Mr Justice Act City Board of Education to study the work of peace-building, City Board of Education party secretary Zhuang dynasty detailed report on the situation of City Board of peace-building efforts, a long time, the City Board of Education has always been peace construction work as the most important basic work unremittingly to strengthen the sense of responsibility 'grasping security as politics, security and stability is to promote development, security and stability than days', and actively take effective measures to strengthen the comprehensive management, pay close attention to the work implement, and strive to create a safe campus, to build a harmonious education, the city's education system continued to maintain peaceful and stable situation.

Mr Justice Act states, peace building is an important part of education is directly related to the majority of young students safe and healthy growth, related to the thousands of families happiness, is a long and arduous task. The city education departments and at all levels schools do to strengthen the importance of the work of peace-building awareness, strengthen safety education and management, good food hygiene and student campus traffic safety work, the implementation of school bus management system, carry out the campus security risks, ensure campus safety, should be placed on safety and legal education, the implementation of safety education programs, conduct emergency evacuation drills to improve students' ability to protect themselves. to actively carry out comprehensive management around the campus, improve the campus surrounding environment, to ensure the city's normal teaching order.

Foreign Language Middle School in the city, Mr Justice carefully reviewed the law school environment, student dormitories, cafeterias and safety monitoring system, fully affirmed the school's solid safety measures, and the future of campus security work put forward specific demands. (Li Yong Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 陳兆法調研市教育局平安建設工作

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