Hearthstone legend scuffle joint fight against Zod Difficulties of McAdoo

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Melee Hearthstone legend << >> This Week 'joint fight against McCarthy Zod', the melee is called the history of the most difficult to win the melee, not because the opponent is too strong, but the two together really hard today take a look at why this chaotic fighting so hard to win?

1 may be less than 1.1 plus 2

Game previous cooperation model fee, can be seen as a 'zero sum game' that appears to play no matter how one winner and one loser (except for a tie. Own strength and luck is the key to decide the outcome. In this week's melee because you want to cooperate, it was decided the outcome of just your own strength, and your 'teammates' strength and understanding between you two individuals. as long as a person would not be able to play on the joint this week melee ideas can be said to truly embodies the 'bucket theory' Blizzard Daddy has been the mode of cooperation does not mean that 1 + 1 = 2, the determining factor is that the outcome of the weaker party.

2. communication difficulties, the idea is difficult to unity

Two people cooperate, necessarily involves the exchange, but the game does not allow Hearthstone game of two people talking is the most Hair 'played well' 'Oh,' and other expressions, so in case of communication difficulties only cooperation guesswork and both cards and the ability to both occupational hand understanding. there is chaos out whether your teammates cards.

3.COMBO harder to reach

Since this week melee McCartney Zod has 95 hit points, and with the increase in the number of game attack power is also increasing, so we need both players at the right time to play COMBO outbreak, instead of every round entourage to go BUFF hit BOSS. However, due to communication difficulties, I do not know his teammates hands and so on, so that the two COMBO much harder to play.

4. 2 professional level of understanding, the level of understanding deck

In single player mode, you need to consider is your opponent's cards and cards, while in cooperative mode, it adds a dimension that is interactive between the two cards with the simple means that a single player mode you only need to consider your own 30 cards which COMBO, double mode you need to consider COMBO 60 cards between (and there are 30 you are not being controlled.

5. The couple are no longer so friendly luck

We all know that furnace slag is a 'luck' game, even if the next day, Hu started going to the pit newcomers can easily win, and in double mode, two new joint want to win, you Hu is not only a man, you also need a teammate Hu. so luck cooperation mode couples not so friendly, how to tie, two people can win the overall strength of the decision.

to sum up:

In fact, this week melee mode that is difficult is difficult, that simple and simple, the difficulty is to work, have mastered some of the COMBO. Interested players can try to start his own No. 2 play this hand melee, you will find that every sentence melee basic can win. so, with the focus this week is chaotic fighting.

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