Legend 5 TV official website linked to other family hand Daewoo official tour provoke discontent

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Chinese film and television drama produced >> << Legend of cloud where the landing will be held on March 23, Hunan Satellite TV << >> Legend cloud where the film is based on Daewoo authorized Chinese stand-alone game Paladin five << >> and << Paladin five prequel >> adaptation of the fantasy costume drama. this was the third Chinese film adaptation of the television series of the Legend, the first two were in 2005 by Hu Ge, Liu Yifei Legend odd starring << Xia Chuan >> and 2015 by the Hu Ge, Wallace starring << >> Paladin 3.

A few days ago, Gaia mutual entertainment announced by Daewoo Taiwan genuine authority, Gaia mutual entertainment production of a new work << >> Paladin 3D bout will Android beta in May 19, said it would and will visit Hunan Satellite TV << >> Paladin five (that is, 'Legend of the cloud where the' TV carried the story 'Movies interactive tour' relevant.

Where the official website of the Chinese film << >> Legend of Clouds

But in the bottom of the TV series << Where >> official website Legend of Chinese Television cloud appearing 'United Hands Tour' is not entertainment Gaia mutual development work. But a sword called << >> Love hand tour the hand travel issued by mutual entertainment Zi, << >> Legend cloud where the three main characters Zheng yuan Chang, Coulee Nazha, Handong Jun endorsement.

Yesterday (May 18 evening, Daewoo Information Co., Ltd. issued a statement that said the Chinese Television without Daewoo authorized registered trademark and breach authorize development of the 'Legend of Five' TV series Legend of cloud << Where >> derivative hand travel, although not named, but it actually refers to love << Sword >> Daewoo said in a statement, Chinese won only drama adaptation rights.

Following is a statement Daewoo conference portion of the original:

The conference declaration Daewoo original part

Subsequently, the Chinese film on such a statement responded to a public statement that said in Chinese film and television did not like any authorized cloud where << >> Legend game adaptation rights, in addition to Chinese film signed artists Handong Jun, Gu Li Na tie endorsement contract mobile phone network game Love >> << Sword outside any unauthorized use of the company the right to play the role of the actor's portrait, etc. If there are internet sites or use will pursue its legal responsibility regarding registered trademarks Daewoo noted , Chinese television has also made a reply that it had in March 2015 registered the trademark 'cloud where' text.

The following is the original statement:

Chinese original statement

In short, that the Chinese Foreign Daewoo authorized Legend hand travel drama adaptation, which is infringement, but the Chinese said they did not authorize the development of mobile games Legend of the drama << >> Sword love, just use TV actor as a spokesperson, does not constitute infringement.

Love >> << Sword promotional video screen (left, where the cloud << Legend >> promotional video screen (right

Touch music reporter also check the content of the game, a single from the current TV series and hand the exposure promotional video tour and look at the picture, the hand does not mention any tour << >> Legend of cloud where the name of << Legend odd Xia Chuan >> the story content, game promotional video did not mention any names of the protagonist or NPC, nor any information within the video lines.

And on the 'every cloud' word mark registration of staff Daewoo aspects of Chinese film and television in the statement referred to, he said: 'This is the Chinese stated that they did not in fact granted to the trademark, but the first we apply. '

Chinese film and entertainment Zi mutual

It is worth mentioning that the mutual Zi and Chinese television entertainment has maintained close cooperation, mutual entertainment Zi, founder and CEO is a former king Sohu tour game business group president, president of Chinese film Cai Yi Lennon is his wife. Prior Some of the interview, Wang also mentioned, mutual entertainment Zi name comes from Chinese television's LOGO.

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Traditional Chinese: 仙劍5電視劇官網掛別家手遊 惹大宇官方不滿

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