Warcraft 7.0BETA5 people ordinary black crow Fort Reviews

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This is for everyone to bring five copies of ordinary black crow fortress 7.0beta testing services Demon Hunter (DPS talent) experience experience, which requires a copy of the player reaches full level (Lv110) before they can enter! I hope not to get the test players who qualified help, you can learn about the new version of the fastest 5 copies of the case.

No. 1 BOSS: Dead fusion


? Harvest Soul: Before cutting the fusion soul of the target, resulting in 1,832,895 Shadow damage and damage taken by 20% for 30 seconds

? Sickle roundabout: for a player cast a sickle, resulting in 356 396 physical damage and repel touch the players.

? Soul Echo: create a random player's soul fragmentation, resulting in leaving in place a soul soul soul echo echo those close to the player would cause 224,021 Shadow damage.

Experience: No. 1 BOSS is the test of everyone's eye, BOSS will put the whole three very simple skills first one is harvesting souls, BOSS will be a positive 180-degree Cleave for DPS and treatment, the encounter is dead. tanks also have to hide because of the skill will be superimposed DEBUFF, the second knife will die.

Cyclotron echo sickle and soul are named the BOSS skills, random named players need to stay away from other players, but players need to echo the soul constantly moving to avoid injury and does not affect other people's stations usually BOSS Cleave and the other two Combo skills will form technology, so named players need to pay attention to an extremely positive BOSS, so as not to be instantaneous seconds. reason, a copy of itself is very dark, black and BOSS also head so small, and sometimes a carelessness will be split death (the first to be hit hack twice).

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Traditional Chinese: 魔獸7.0BETA5人普通黑鴉堡心得

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