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Beautiful Without Borders, the pursuit of a more beautiful way without borders. Pursuit of beauty, always moisturize the first step must be carried out, and the moisturizer is hydrating quality products. Here, together with the small series to take a look at what makes a good moisturizer ? let the people who have traveled across half the globe to buy moisturizing cream, in the end what is it?

Biotherm Fountain Green

As a professional-level moisturizing cream, in order to allow the skin to achieve the best condition to obtain and retain moisture, Green Fountain moisturizing cream added more than 10% of the live source Biotherm star ingredients essence LIFE PLANKTON ?, also rich in Fountain the next series of unique patented ingredients -Mannose nectar moisturizing, moisturizing direct muscle at the end. after skin moisture tester (WATERSCAN? test, both in life stress, lack of sleep and other 'urban disease' as well as hot, dry and other harsh living environment, green living Stephen moisturizing cream continuously seven hours, keeping the initial peak moist during application, use 1 can be maintained for 7 hours Hydra peak value. this moisturizing cream to give the skin moisturizing bring 500 hours of uninterrupted energy. as a professional moisturizing brand, Biotherm Fountain green this moisturizing cream moisturizing very good.

Lange Night Repair Firming Mask

Lange Night Repair Firming Mask has its unique gel texture memory, strengthen skin firmness and elasticity, between sleep and reshape facial contour firming, skin cuticle to maintain adequate moisture and repair damaged skin due to ultraviolet rays, enhanced skin elasticity, improve the skin's own repair ability, sleep at the same time moisturizing effect is doubled. At the same time, this super moisturizing cream moisturizing effect has a unique fragrance effective sedative, relieve stress, relax, and promote high-quality sleep, strengthen the skin to improve. Although name is tight mask, you can use as a moisturizing cream. want to know what makes a good moisturizing cream, this cream is recommended to consider inclusion Lange moisturizing cream alone.

Medical professional from New York brand Kiehl's has always been the most gentle yet effective skin care formulations for its high moisturizing effect principle known around the world, including high moisturizing cream is since its inception in 1970, that is, male or female, is suitable for all skin classic hot items. Division Yan high moisturizing cream is a texture of fresh 24-hour daily moisturizer after using the skin feeling comfortable and obviously the water balance, and when you draw the air to absorb moisture, help the skin to reduce moisture loss. looking for a good moisturizing cream, Kiehl's high moisturizing cream can try.

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Traditional Chinese: 好用的保濕面霜牌子推薦

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