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Chinatown as a China wind map, even if not really popular in the country can have a certain popularity, Who we are descendants of the dragon it? Although Chinatown map service in the country and appears not long, but it is always the highlight of the map people can not forget, as the players continued their exploration, a wide range of new play is endless. as descendants of the dragon, let me today in this Discussion Chinatown lurk under sniper attack card points and play.

First, Chinatown is divided into A Road, B Road, the middle three regions. In peacetime battle suits, players will choose as a lurker when throwing a smoke bomb directly Rush were scraping a point, but inevitably there will be in the scraping process all kinds of mistakes, those mistakes will lead to one's own group off.

It is also to be kept informed as the players point card and maps constantly emerge only slowly eased fast-paced offense, because players can not do in peacetime with high fault tolerance, we are unable to accurately grasp offensive rhythm, so we are only able to make up for these deficiencies utilization points.

Since the map itself is not an advantage, we need to start pumping more snipers people to create balance start to midnight, we can use the billboard as a bunker to attack defenders point B in B package track left.

B left side of the road

Of course, players can also arrive at the right side of his teammates B channel attacks, after all, is not conducive to small field of vision on the left side we have the intelligence, but should be noted that both sides are wooden boxes, in defense of those who have Barre when Principal high penetration of firearms as much as possible turning point.

B on the right track

When teammates attack point B package, we can connect to the B wooden scripture library to prevent attacks from the advantages of the defenders around scripture library, it can also be used to connect no bunker AB preview A control room.

B connector on the wooden box
Under scripture library

No one has said that the attack can not be slightly coquettish way, when we attack point B package, you can use the red awning to constantly jump. This will not only solve the problem when the attack niche, you can also list Chinatown style.

Red Tent

In the middle attack, the sniper priority preview prevent the front door top, after all, not every defender has only defensive thoughts Assist is a good teammate sniper destiny.


Of course, players can also reach me on the straight sniper, where we can get a little vision points but need to be careful in the barbed wire at the scripture library may be eyeing defender positive for us.

Straight box

Barbed wire

Relatively speaking, the area has become more offensive A need marksmanship and awareness. A door at the rear of the column we can continue to dodge sniper in Lurker A package points.

A door pillar

A successful entry into the package in point, the enemy back against horn also started at this time Sniper sniper can reach A control room at the Red Gate direction A control room emptied environment, after all, who wants to defend the anti-back by the middle it is a bit far.

A control room

A red door control spy

Overall, the map itself is Chinatown lurk not favorable. However, due to the entire map of Chinatown linear type, so do not need snipers lurk too disguise as long as his teammates and a good grasp of offensive rhythm, using a variety of props to shop out of attack road, so it is not that difficult victory. mating between the team can use well-known to the point to make, but the strength can only be measured by time, consciousness and be able to continue to hone their marksmanship only long-term. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: CF穿越火線爆破模式唐人街實戰攻略篇

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