Players said: Wild card set of multi-mode enhanced version of the standard mode

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Hearthstone legend introduced a new version of the standard model, from the current state of view, standard mode hot, wild model seems nobody cares. So this curious, now turned into a wild pattern of what? Reddit there players bit wild patterns own experiences, as we describe a majority of players are familiar with wild patterns.


Hello everyone, I see a lot of doubt about the wild mode, so I wanted to make the answer for everyone here, to show you a wild old player's perspective.

Although I had only three legends, but every effort to punch legends when they are successful, but each time with a legendary hunter on. I can be a hunter players, which is why I now prefer wild mode s reason.

En Zuosi hunt card set

Legends Screenshot

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'Environment as before, there are plenty of Paladin.'

Yes, Paladin so much. I've encountered in a row I do not know how many fish or ride the ride control field. It is said that the number of people riding the Buddha differences. Number of Buddha riding Leveled obviously, but at least I I met tons of Buddha riding.

'Easy on the sub-hell, I can say so much. Most of the players are playing the card group is not strong, because the Internet is not enough wild card group information. If you have a good set of cards you can very fast on Minute.'

This is not quite right. I play every game in 10 innings, probably one or two innings opposite Akzo End, that usually send points, but in most of the enhanced version of the ladder card group card group is the standard mode .

'Why did no good models wild card group? Because there is no one to rave mode competition ah Prior to competitive wild card group appears, no one will take effort to create the card group analysis of the environment.'

Saying this man is probably no more than 15. Ring, animal husbandry, Buddha riding, fire Yaofa, En Zuosi riding, slave war, zoos and hunting Enzuo Si are really good deck.

to sum up

I just let everyone on the wild patterns a little initial impression. If you want to know in the end to play wild good, I can only say that both good and bad.

Like the standard model, as in the wild mode of low-grade, but also weak card group, which may also be no illusion of good people a wild card group of reasons, but at a high level, really is a good card group , added some powerful new cards such as the blood of pus, etc. En Zuosi good deck.

I think there is potential for wild mode, if more people are willing to come in wild and creativity, we are able to see all kinds of cattle X card group.

Although many of the current players are in the wild against the Paladin with incomplete set of cards, you do not want to play with Paladin is understandable, but I really want to say, in the future, wild patterns will be more than the standard model creativity, more diversity.

I hope the following comments do not just 'GTMD pop, scientists and harvesters.' Everyone can use these three cards, though they are strong, but they are not everything. Written above are just my personal point of view, I would also like to hear what other wild players is how to say - Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 玩家說:狂野模式卡組多為標準模式加強版

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