Fiber-change ink painting yellow ink Xuan dance about

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Fiber-change ink painting yellow ink Xuan dance about

2016 Shu Uemura brand ambassadors will meet held a grand Beaux Arts

Huang Xuan

May 16, 2016 afternoon, the master artistic beauty cosmetics brand Shu Uemura Eyeliner change ink painting calligraphy held a mood full of brand events in Beijing Today Art Museum for its new star product fiber, it attracted more than 200 from around the country media, well-known makeup artist, Shu Uemura and long-term support of the guests who attend as Shu Uemura 2016 Beaux Arts brand ambassador, actor Huang Xuan strength is in person, and fans intimate interaction scene, and together with the Shu Uemura brand opened the year 'tokyo Beaux Arts Tour' exciting chapter.

The active site with very modern black and white lines of Tokyo theme, like a smooth arc ink on rice paper carefully outlined, deemed that the ultimate beauty of the landscape bright eyes. Pure colors to the extreme confusion between, but inspire heart the most intense emotions.

Activities in the field

Unique conference by the brand's iconic traditional make-up show to begin. In calligraphy 'Weight retractable' is inspired by makeup, makeup artist Shu Uemura Chinese elite team with fiber-change ink painting eyeliner is a four-field model must draw creative beauty makeup, not only will femininity fully released, even more makeup performance rose to a stage art, graceful, turned freely.

Makeup artist Shu Uemura Chinese elite team of make-up show
Fiber-change ink painting calligraphy makeup

Subsequently, Mr. Shu Uemura brand director Yann Andrea introduced the brand in 2016 to all the guests the latest communication focus 'Tokyo Beaux Arts' - Shu Uemura beauty will be fine, clean beauty, ingenuity beauty brand three chapters to present the latest product information.

Shu Uemura 2016 Tokyo topic describes Beaux Arts
Mr. Shu Uemura brand general manager Yann Andrea

As the climax of activities, Shu Uemura US Ambassador Huang Yi Xuan ink in a dance debut, so that all the audience excited. Grew up associating with the ink, and a pen friend of his gentle temperament like springs in general, art and Shu Uemura brands a sense of each other, filling the atmosphere calm gestures.

When asked how to treat girls makeup, Huang Xuan shared, 'In many cases delicate eye makeup to better highlight each woman's unique qualities, especially girls drew eyeliner, make eyes brighter, especially look. 'he will also recommend Shu Uemura Eyeliner to this crew of actresses, they feel particularly useful.

Huang Xuan Share

When intimate interaction with fans, Huang Xuan and immediately warm intimate male avatar, sweet offensive continued, love words, signatures, four burst, so the scene fans marvel again and again, the enthusiasm was instantly ignited.

Huang Xuan and intimate interaction with fans along the fiber-change ink painting Eyeliner

Activities end, Xuan and Huang Shu Uemura makeup artist team of Chinese elite and brand representatives together under seal on the spool, and wished the two sides can work together, combining, for our customers and fans to bring more surprises!

Xuan and Huang Shu Uemura team photo
Media Interview
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Traditional Chinese: 纖變墨畫 黃軒墨舞之約

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