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There are many patients with liver disease and more clinical fluctuations on liver function, liver function and fluctuations typical manifestation is tired. Many rural patients will obviously feel suddenly dry for a few days does not move the farm work, doing work to rest. Even many of the office Group patients will feel one day leisurely work down, but will be very weak. Why is this?

Let's take a look at the function of the liver, liver cells have an important metabolic functions is involved in energy supply. Energy supply process is a very important part of the citric acid cycle, and one of the participants is the mitochondria. Each liver cell average contains about 400 mitochondria, for the Krebs cycle, so to be able to healthy liver cells to the human body for energy, the body can carry out a variety of work. If the liver is hurt, then the entire energy supply chain is disconnected, people will have a boring performance.

In TCM theory, the liver and spleen, but have a great contact. Let me talk about the spleen, after drinking Chinese medicine into the food into the body, need spleen digestion and absorption, can be microscopic spread to the limbs, fur, muscles. Therefore, spleen transport digestive function properly, it can provide sufficient nutrients, organs, meridians, etc. in order to get adequate nutrition and normal physiological activities. among them, the spleen of the limb muscles have special significance. spleen of a muscular Chinese medicine limbs attributed spleen transport and sow nutrition, we can easily come alive and strong. If the spleen lost health movement in not throwing the essence, the limbs will be insufficient nutrition, visible fatigue, weakness, weight loss and even atrophy without waste. and we might imagine less than liver ill will 'bully' the spleen, the spleen does not work so, can not be transported to the subtle limb muscles, they will naturally appear weak performance. this case, we call it 'the spleen and liver.' liver Disease when episodes of weak performance comes from this.

Therefore, patients with liver disease should pay attention to: the whole body fatigue, once symptoms appear, to quickly go to a regular hospital to check liver function and make the appropriate treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

Source: << >> Lu Bing liver healthy for a long time, Zheng Jia attached, in Chinese Medicine Press

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Traditional Chinese: 男人容易累可能是這裏不行

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