Sleeping adhere to five principles will help prolong life

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Do you have insomnia symptoms or sleep well? Is not very envious of those who fell asleep and slept soundly people perhaps read the recommendations Zen sleep medicine, full of energy to each new day.


Be sure to go to bed before midnight

Shaolin Temple in the concept of health, sleep is the first major event in life if neutrons per day (equivalent to 23 o'clock - do not sleep before the next day 1:00, when the doctor many monk doctors would say:. 'Does not give you rule a. 'in fact, not do not to rule, but incurable. people stay up all night long, both men and women, direct liver injury, kidney injury course of time, gradually causing bodily qi and blood loss, will feel his face in the mirror every day when the dust a. this is the time every day nutrition, exercise every day, it would not restore the lack of sleep or poor sleep caused damage.

Get up early does not matter, but absolutely not sleep at night. Many people lack of energy, sleep at night more than a habit, it is often easy to hurt the liver injury refined hurt the gall bladder. Such people, the eyes are often not so that, more depressed mood, happy time small (the lung is also affected by long-term lack of effective propaganda reasons issued.

There are people who think that sleep late at night, and during the day can make it up, actually did not come back up, or sleep, or sleep enough, even if the feeling came up, in fact, the body has been damaged most of the blood.


When sleep should all do not think

'Regarded this body as nothing, or if the sugar into the water, first melt the big toe, then the other toes, then feet, legs, thighs gradually melt, and finally come to naught, naturally fall asleep.' This is Zen doctors go to sleep ideal state of mind.

In many cases, insomnia stems from lingering distractions during sleep. In this case, do not toss and turn in bed, in order to avoid exhausting, more difficult to fall asleep, the best way is ups for a while and then sleep.

In fact, for modern people, in order to sleep before 23 o'clock, to go to bed early brewing mood is also critical in order to calm down slowly to mind for some time. 'Sleep for heart, after the sleepy eyes,' that is the this truth.

If that does not work, you can try simply stretching before going to bed, and then naturally sit cross-legged on the bed or Jiafu Zuo, both hands placed on the legs overlap, natural breathing, feeling the body pores with the respiratory one of a, if tears yawn best , to fall asleep when you want to sleep.


Noon should take a nap or sit meditatively

Noon (equivalent to 11:00 to 13:00 the best nap. If the conditions are not limited to sleep, then you can sit a quarter of an hour, eyes closed in meditation practice of Zen meditation hall are accustomed to children at noon nap.

In fact, the real fall asleep with eyes closed at noon as long as three minutes, equal to sleep two hours, but to noon for a good time. In the evening will have a positive midnight asleep, five minutes is equal to six hours.

Article IV:

Sleep must get up early

The monks had Zhong drum life is, even in winter, nor more than 6:00 to get up in the morning, spring, summer and autumn as much as possible before 5 am. To human health, it is conducive to the body's metabolism to get up early.

The early advantage of, on the one hand, you can put the metabolism cloud material excreted, if you get up too late, large intestine are not full activity, unable to complete a good excretory function.

In addition, the body's digestion and absorption in the 7:00 to 9:00 most active nutrient absorption is 'prime time.' So, do not stay in bed, dizzy, exhausted many of which are caused due snooze.

The fifth:

Sleep living attention

On the environment, pay attention Sleeping close the window, you can not open the fan and air conditioning, otherwise easy to damage the blood. So at night no windows, no air conditioning, no fan open, even the door closed as the best results. If the heat , put the door open, close the window, although the effect is not quite right, but not to the next morning the whole body fatigue, back stiffness.

Diet, not overeating at night, otherwise bulging belly bulge, over and over again could not sleep, not only affects the function of the stomach, but also reduces the quality of sleep, more harm than good.

When sleeping limbs to warm the limbs not warm, is certainly less than kidney, should cover their hands and feet before going to bed warm, especially the hands and feet, navel and Vital behind every cover. Deficiency here to teach people a good way is put on cotton socks and sleep wear gloves to bed, the beginning may not be used, slowly enough, over time the effect will be very obvious.

About sleeping position, the person may fall asleep faster right lateral decubitus, right palm care right ear. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 睡覺堅持5個原則有助延壽

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