Civil-military integration of information technology to speed up the national defense mobilization

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Xinyu newspaper (Reporter correspondent Bian Ye Indian soldiers) May 18, provincial military held a 'mobilization of wisdom' pilot results of the promotion-cum-command information system standardization construction in Xinyu spot. Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor Mao Weiming, PROVINCIAL Standing Committee, provincial military commander Zhang Xiaoming attended and spoke, provincial military political commissar Yang Xiaoxiang presided over the meeting, provincial Military Region Deputy commander Fang Jianhua participate.

Mao Weiming pointed out, the military and civil-military integration at all levels should fully understand the necessity, urgency, accurately grasp the feasibility of civil-military integration, firmness, good job to improve civil-military integration of consciousness, targeted to promote the convergence of powerful military and civilian integration power. stronger grip mechanism constructed by fusing the coordinated system of organizational leadership, grasp and regulations to promote integration, build cohesion supporting system security system to build mechanisms for deep integration work to build flexible and efficient operation system. to co-push 'wisdom mobilization' a good grasp of the docking program, and strive to make the characteristics of the project in the field of national defense mobilization highlights to build network security, network security in the implementation of controls to learn from each other, to achieve information integration, resource sharing, complementary skills. to build a fusion industry , development of new energy, aviation, biomedical and other strategic emerging industries, to jointly promote the local economy and the coordinated development of national defense and achieve a win-win military.

Zhang Xiaoming pointed out that to seize the 'wisdom of mobilization, civil-military integration, network a strong army,' the three major trends, and promote the cause of national defense mobilization by leaps and bounds. In the 'wisdom of mobilization', and to be proactive, innovative deepened steadily in the civil-military integration on, to enhance fusion efficiency, expanding the field of fusion, solidification fusion mechanism, on the network a strong army, to cultivate a network of thinking, build a strong network infrastructure, network security and realistically. concerted effort, to make new and greater co-strong military industry contribution. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 軍民融合加快國防動員信息化建設

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