Note to Parents: Mastering the four communication skills and a pleasant chat with the children

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Why do some baby Baba Ma Ma and communication are particularly vulnerable, and they always have a baby endless talk about the topic? Ma Ma Baba and others say no matter what the baby is difficult to accept, often indifferent or even talk back?

In fact, not only pay attention when talking with adults and skills, Baba Ma Ma and baby at the same pay attention to methods of communication, then, in the end what kind of communication skills in order to let the baby to open a conversation it?

Simplify the problem, avoid abstract

Parents (microblogging) when talking with children, try not to ask too abstract questions, such as:

'What you learn today?'

'Today there is no good in school ah?'

Such children are often difficult question to answer, or do not say, as if nothing had learned, or that give 'do not know' or 'ah', 'still good' answer to this, let chat can no longer carry on In this way, parents will be more disturbed mind:? What do children learn in the end performance today in the end how to do?

When talking with children, parents should try to ask 'small' do not ask 'big', select some simple question, the answer is easy.

EF small star in the classroom, for example, if the day is a learning body parts on this topic, parents can ask: 'how to say Eye way?' Or even directly asked in English 'Do you have two eyes?' This straightforward question.

Aside classroom, parents can also ask some of the chores of daily life, such as:

'Today's school lunch eat what food ah?'

'Who's the fastest at noon to eat?'

These little things make the subject easier to continue, the children do not feel pressure to answer them, chatting naturally became the pleasant exchange.

To talk about others, reduce stress

Some issues easy for children to feel pressure, such as test scores, class performance, etc. In this case, people talking about is often a very good way. Anyone, even children, will be happy to chat with gossip. Parents can skillfully 'use' the children of this state of mind for their own small purpose.

Parents can try to inadvertently asked the class, the children tend to be very happy to talk to the class who the best homework, who eat the most powerful, who fight, which the boys and one girl, and so seemingly with their mischief nothing to do, do not be self-inflicted pressure and interesting gossip topic.

The chat process, the intentions of the parents a little analysis, a glimpse of the child will be able to treat the attitude of others things stand and attitude from children.

Do not criticize, to empathy

No one is born like to be criticized, even adults, they also want to talk to comfort rather than negative. So you want to go deep to communicate with the child, it can not be criticized at the time preaching and its expression of negative emotions first time parents We should be patient and listen, to show their empathy, and then a deeper and deeper understanding of the child's mind.

For example, when the children said: 'The English class so bored' when parents if subconsciously replied: 'English class where bored, I see you do not mind, learn English well can not do.' Topic is likely to stop there, and even children English will be getting tired or even deliberately go against the parents.

When the inner child that you do not agree when he said, behind him, then it is easy to swallow back a careless word they let you lose the opportunity and the children together to solve the problem is actually more appropriate way to answer is:. 'Oh, English class is boring? you can tell me what makes you feel bored?. 'this answer objectively, without subjective comment, the child is more likely to accept.

Down authority, will become the children themselves

Children and adults in the world are often different, try to put themselves into the children, their way to speak, to think on their point of view, often naturally closer relationship between the child and let them think you're funny, is ' similar 'and thus are willing to talk with you.

For example, the child forgot to turn off the TV, parents can say, 'Oh, the TV people must speak tired, tired, they have to sleep.' Children usually grinning ran off the TV, 'pop', so TV people 'sleep' to the contrary, if the parents said:.. 'you see you, not any off the TV, go and shut it off,' the child will be prone to resentment, perhaps next time still can not remember off the TV.

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Traditional Chinese: 家長須知:掌握這4個溝通技巧和孩子愉快聊天

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