How College Students Employment is no longer "choose embarrassed"?

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The annual 'Senior Year' has become the heart of some students' graduation anxious ', not only in the' May 20 'in the face of' graduation is breaking up 'the pain comes, some graduates have to face the' Graduation is unemployment. ' embarrassing reality.

Some media are accustomed to annual employment season labeled as 'the most difficult in the history of' hat, it is very easy to attract attention. This year is no exception, the National College graduates 765 million, a new record, the employment situation remains severe, it seems that employment season 'not difficult, only harder.'

Through 'Employment' appearance, we want to see 'choosing difficult' substance. In fact, from a certain point of view, not necessarily working hard to find, nor is it hard to find jobs, they can do nothing, 'heart sky high, life than thin paper. 'thinking earn high salaries in essence, no real skill. keeps talk about ideals, heart or FIG comfortable. they want to earn less, not enough for a good salary accounts and preparation of fish and bear's paw can not have both, the ability to work is also not good enough 'ambition', in this way, working hard to find the 'embarrassing disorder' do not make strange!

Get a job, be happy and to achieve their own self-worth, while recognized by society, pleases everyone. However, the 'ideal is full, the reality is very skinny 'career aspirations and social compensation does not match the job is caused by the' Select dyslexia 'a big factor to pursue the so-called ideal, or paying or seeking comfort, is the most realistic graduates problems facing so-called' Every family has its cupboard ', it was not to worry about work, it was tangled choose too. one student is the author of well-known institutions of the top students, she was distressed to learn I do not know to stick to the ideal professional for seven years or to have an establishment of a state-owned accounts. First the heart of obsession, but then return to the troubled pregnant, really hard to choose.

Meanwhile, values-oriented society also contributed to the plight of a large Graduates factors in accordance with the traditional concept of state-owned enterprises, public institutions, civil servants (microblogging) seems to be the 'golden rice bowl' - stable, pressure, high social status, still many parents (microblogging) expectations for their children to work. However, the social progress, then scolded 'lost face alma mater,' the North (microblogging) graduate business is selling pork water from the wind, suspension entrepreneurship and diversified choice for flexible employment have gradually been accepted and recognized by more people.

Crack the difficult job of not insisting on job seekers' self-worth, 'each of their college students have a clear understanding and a clear plan. If you wait until senior year to do research with God think of career planning, it can only wait for graduation 'Hexibeifeng.' the author, a well-known alumni to feed media can be considered a 'great pains', people enrolled in the first year trying to learn professional knowledge, solid foundation, the second year will be to secure an internship this unit also behaved very good, he finally come to the fore in the campus recruitment. more people just saw him early to get dressed when the Offer, but few people noticed him for the work done in this effort.

Employment season, career difficult. Choose the more pluralistic, more need for a clear self-awareness, whether it is their own jobs, flexible employment, entrepreneurship or drop out, fend for themselves, or further studies abroad for further studies, career choice no right or wrong, but every a candidate must be responsible for their own choices, their own job duties, to seize the 'color' of the opportunity to win due respect. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 大學生就業如何不再“選擇尷尬”?

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