16 provinces nationwide grouse exposure than the largest share of 23 Beijing

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Legal Evening News yesterday, private entrance (microblogging) information service platform, 'university network' issued << on the fifth Chinese university network false warning list >> University, a total of 73 nationwide to expose fake universities, including 23 in Beijing list.

France late (WeChat ID: fzwb_52165216 Reporter Interrupted found 11 fake universities in Beijing to leave the phone, but can not be connected to either call in the past, either empty part number reporters Login 'grouse' the official website found that the content of these sites are either yes. copying other colleges and universities, or no real content, there are some websites for many years is not updated.

Announced 73 grouse Beijing accounted for one third

Posted university's list shows that 73 fake universities involving 16 provinces, of which up to Beijing, there are 23, followed by Shandong, there are eight, Shanghai, Sichuan, all seven of Guangdong, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Liaoning, Hebei, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan, Hubei is also a 'grouse' existence.

In this 73 'grouse', there are two false after previously been to college standings, after these schools are exposed, their site can still log in normally, continue or replace the domain name trickster. The two schools are false Beijing Beijing Institute of Finance and Business School (microblogging). in addition, 'grouse' Beijing School of economics and the University of Beijing Kyobashi exposure last year, the site is still accessible.

General Manager of 'university network' Zhang Xun said their investigation after two months of this year, once again exposed 73 fake universities. So far, the university network has been exposed five groups of fake university, totaling more than 400.

False means counterfeit formal Universities theft School Profile

France late (WeChat ID: fzwb_52165216 reporter found that the vast majority of fake universities or colleges and universities counterfeit formal name of another regular school, for example, China's only formal College, Nanjing University of Information Engineering, Beijing Information Science and Technology, there is no 'Beijing Information Engineering. the University'.

These false University of mostly direct plagiarism or misappropriation Profile patchwork regular colleges and universities. For example, 'Information Engineering, Beijing University,' Introduction to the regular theft of University Beijing Information Science and Technology before the merger of the former Beijing Information Technology Institute, the 'Beijing electromechanical Engineering 'plagiarism formal Universities Harbin Institute of Technology (microblogging) Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 2012 profile.

The core purpose of fake university construction site, is to sell its various fake diplomas, fake university's website and therefore are generally equipped with 'academic inquiry', 'certificate inquiry', 'information inquiry' and other columns entrance. The Ministry of Education is currently only recognized the country's only academic, student check website - China Higher Education student information network (referred to as 'learning communication network.'

Zhang Xun mentioned that they query domain 73 fake universities through multiple third-party platform, and found 72 fake university site IP address concentrated in areas outside the United States mainland, Hong Kong, South Korea, only 'Shandong Industrial Engineering College 'IP addresses in a network communications Beijing Limited.

He explained that the procedures for domain name registration, web hosting, IP address affiliated sites such as construction, many suppliers outside the continent, where more 'convenient.' This is the Chinese University of false 'mid-cry, every year more.' important reasons.

Fifth false impressions Beijing University

Beijing Information Engineering University

Beijing University of Business Administration

Beijing Modern University of Economics

Beijing Normal University of Science and Technology

Beijing Tongji Medical University

Beijing Medical University, Beijing

NORTH State Medical (history, false

Beijing Administrative College (false

Beijing Institute of Finance and Economics

Beijing International School of Information Management

Beijing Institute of Finance and Economics Trade

Beijing Institute of Finance and Trade

Beijing Institute of Industrial Technology

Beijing International Trade Institute

Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering

Beijing School of Economics (history, false

Beijing University of Science and Industry

Beijing Science and Technology School of Management

Beijing Tourism Business School

Beijing Software Engineering Institute

Beijing Modern College of Business Administration

Beijing Economic Information Institute

Reporter Interrupted

Universities are not included in the list of formal

Yesterday afternoon, reporters one by searching on the list Beijing's 23 false university's official website, in addition to two no official website, the rest are equipped with the official website and can be opened, but some sites do not leave contact telephone number, only the mailbox in the left phone 11 the false school, there are four playing in the past is empty, three no answer, no response after a telephone set aside, one is busy, one off, one suspended.

France late (WeChat ID: fzwb_52165216 reporter inquiries found that this announcement of 73 'grouse', there are 66 is not released by the Ministry of Education << list >> 2015 National College, and another six for the regular false College changed its name or the name of the pre-merger, there is a false Beijing administrative College (and the CPC Beijing Municipal Party is 'two brands, a team.'

From the entrance end of last year, the university networks have been receiving a number of enthusiastic users sent fake diplomas offer sheet, above a diploma more than 500 schools in the sale price ranging from 150-4500 yuan, the fastest 1-2 days to start.

The table also suspected forged the country's Department of Education official website of 'teacher' certificate or 'Mandarin' card, 'accountant' qualification certificate part of the local finance bureau official website, as well as some local Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, offer professional and technical qualifications of the administrative department of the official website of 'title' credentials, is clearly marked, ranging from 300-900 yuan, the three together, there were more than 200.

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Traditional Chinese: 全國16省野雞大學曝光 北京23所占比最大

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