Three kinds of problems condemnation thin legs is actually not as difficult as you think

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Lead: missed leggings and a variety of dresses, sturdy legs throughout the year so that you can only loose wide leg pants, jeans or sportswear associating want thin legs, first to find out what their calves. types of 'fat', or destroyed those fat through exercise, or more massage improve the leg edema, or find a way to change the shape of the calf muscle hypertrophy speak true, thin legs may not be as difficult as you think (sources: vOGUE fashion

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise can help you lose fat calf

Everyone knows that aerobic exercise is the most effective way to fat consumption, since the leg fat accumulation more serious problem, then try aerobic exercise (running, swimming their way to destroy it. The important thing to say three times, there oxygen jogging will not let legs thicker! aerobic jogging will not let legs thicker! aerobic jogging will not let legs thicker! You know, the boys want to gain muscle is a difficult task, not to mention the lack of increase in congenital muscular elements 'testosterone' girls up.

Your calves in the end is 'swollen' or 'fat'?

Your calves in the end is 'swollen' or 'fat'? 'Swollen' and 'fat' are two concepts, if there really is the accumulation of fat calf problem, then it is the day when each will maintain this sensual, but If the calf is 'swollen' due to thick, then the leg is often in the early morning or late afternoon when the exhibit 'fat' the illusion, which is due to poor lymphatic circulation and metabolic cause.

Oil Massage

How to improve the leg swelling problems caused sturdy?

Leg swelling caused by circulation problems to deal with, you can have a role in promoting the hydrological cycle oils (such as grapefruit, after thigh and calf massage bath flanking lymphatic every night to help drainage, of course, diet is best to add some Coix Jen, melon, pear and other benefits of water of food, they can effectively improve the leg and the lower body edema problems.

Thick legs and probably genetic factors

In addition to edema and obesity, muscle structure related to whether the legs look very thick, some people gastrocnemius position of the lower leg, which would be legs look stubby, while others calf gastrocnemius muscle position closer to the knee joint lymph node sites, such people are more slender leg.


Try stretching exercise to be more slender leg

Calf muscle structure for problems caused by thick, can be changed by stretching the muscle fiber structure, so that the gastrocnemius is stretched, so that it becomes shapely legs look tight. However, if the calf muscles are too developed, it has been similar to the case of muscle hypertrophy occurs, seriously affect the appearance, it would need to micro-surgery tools (such as type a Botox injections to make well-developed muscle fiber atrophy, help thin legs. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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