United States to maintain the heat of the South China Sea: EP-3 reconnaissance often come to the South China Sea

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[Global Times Roundup] 'in the Philippines sued the South China Sea to the South China Sea dispute is about the tribunal ruled on the occasion, of high tension between the United States.' Bloomberg commented on the 19th Sino-US military aircraft close to the event. << Japan Times> > the same day that the event coincided with Obama will go to Asia to attend the G7 summit, Japanese Prime Minister Abe G7 hope to reach a 'united front' on the South China Sea issue, 'aggressive actions against China.'

'EP-3 reconnaissance often come to the South China Sea, there are regular or irregular. The US rendering the incident result in arbitration cases to be announced on the occasion, the intention is to maintain the heat of the South China Sea issue.' An expert on the South China Sea << Global Times >> reporter said that from the current situation, the new president of the Philippines-Philippine relations Taichung there may be again, and China continues to do the work of the international community, the United States put pressure on the legal level has also been China's counter. but the United States do not want to cool down the South China Sea issue, so repeatedly manufacturing topics. now, the US focus has tentacles on the South China Sea, as China's maritime rights in the South China Sea, the center of gravity, so the United States' Asia-Pacific rebalancing 'is the South China Sea as a starting point and focus, the United States does not rule out the future will increase in the South came close to China's surveillance frequency.

'Foreign Minister: the militarization of the South China Sea is the United States, not China,' Al Jazeera on the 19th as a title published an interview with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Wang Yi said that if militarization, we see an aircraft carrier to open. South China Sea to the strategic bombers flew over the South China Sea came close to the Chinese guided missile destroyer constantly reefs, exert military pressure on China. I am afraid this is militarization, including large-scale military exercises in the Philippines as well as the construction of a variety of every military base.

Zhao Xiaozhuo of << >> Global Times reporter, said Sino-US confrontation in the South China Sea are not half past one will be able to relieve, it will become a normal phenomenon for some time. The fundamental reason is that the two countries according to their security and military strategies are not concessions room for US military intervention in the South China Sea is its hegemonic nature of the decision, mainly in order to maintain its allies in the 'international credibility.' Faced with the United States acts recklessly in the South China Sea, China is bound to make a counter-attack, and defend the territorial integrity of the country.

[Global Times special correspondent in the United States Global Times Reporter Guoyuan Dan Lin Pengfei Li Yong WEI Hui Liu Yupeng]

Read more detailed information, please refer to Global Times, published today.

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Traditional Chinese: 美國要維持南海問題的熱度:EP-3經常來南海偵察

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