School "small subjects" education is facing a shortage of teachers

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Earlier this year, a language is I << >> Queen of student essays on the heat transfer network. In this paper, a high school student talked about his views on the history, the politics, and other subjects when born, in a very irreverent tone, wrote: 'As for politics, history, geography, biology unworthy 'Palace woman' or something, I will not bother them ......'

This middle school students 'ridicule', in fact it is a long time in the past a lot of junior high school students to ignore these non-exam (microblogging) a reflection of the subject. With the launch of the new Beijing test program of reform in the past once been part students neglected history, the politics, raw and other subjects due to be officially included in the examination of selected test subjects all of a sudden from the 'humble' house woman '' into a well-placed 'little master.'

Faced with the imminent new exam, junior high school students is how to deal with a series of changes 'selected test' may bring? Schools from teaching staff and teaching management and other aspects are ready for it?

The picture shows the Beijing Xu Beihong secondary schools to offer school-based curriculum to promote students' personality development.

Many teachers' non-teaching what they have learned. '

The reporter found that both the city junior high school, junior high school and rural areas in general, schools of history, the politics, those born in the past so-called 'small disciplines', according to the national curriculum standards can currently open blossom full course , teaching staff from the quantitative point of view, are also substantially 'standards.'

But in the part of the general junior high school, junior high school, especially in rural suburb, although these 'small disciplines' Teachers in the number of 'standard', but many teachers are 'non-teaching what they have learned.'

In Shunyi District, a rural junior high school history, the politics, students 'small disciplines' teachers a total of 14, the original degree of Bachelor of only two, there are eight teachers original profession and now teaching 'counterparts 'if the original is a professional school of mathematics, but now taught geography, and some original student of Western trade, but now they teach history, as well as original student of Chinese, but now they do politics teacher while the original law now teaches political science, studied chemistry now teach biology, fairly substantially 'counterparts.'

School principal introduction, 14 teachers, the youngest 42 years old, maximum age 53 years, mean age 48.4 years, mean seniority 26.3 years. These teachers then after training, all achieved college degrees, but the undergraduate education are mostly professional education management, law and public administration.

'Now the ability of the course these are good teachers, student achievement steadily year by year, there are four teachers already comment on the senior secondary school teachers.' The school principals said.

Like this school, as in many general junior high school, especially in the rural outskirts of junior high school history, the politics, students these past non-exam subjects, although also in accordance with the curriculum standards open blossom full curriculum, but teachers' non-teaching what they have learned, 'the phenomenon is still very widespread, many are school teachers based on school health class and sections deployment.

Inclined to look forward to the preparation of school

Beijing suburbs of a city junior high school Principal Li told reporters that the school would also like for the history, the politics, students in these subjects with Cobain teachers, but the school teachers as a whole are not vacancies, new tactics to Coban teachers will face many difficulties .

'This issue should pay sufficient attention!' Said Mrs Lee said that despite the current examination of these subjects are also subject, but in the examination and examination requirements of the difficulty is different, 'if not in a relatively short period of time, to take effective measures quickly raise the level of professionalism of these schools in history, the politics, raw subject teachers, then the implementation of the new examination reform program may result in a new school between regional and uneven. '

In fact, not only rural junior high school in the outer suburbs, in urban schools, the new test pattern imposed Xuankao Ke Cheng, the existing education also caused no small impact.

North Jiaotong University Affiliated High School Principal Dai Wensheng, the current teacher preparation schools are overstaffed, according to the new college entrance examination (microblogging) reform program, teachers may have to Xuankao Ke Cheng appropriately increased. However, due to the constraints of the personnel system and the current ' second child 'policy implications, the whole school teachers are' stretched. '

'In response to the new college entrance examination reform policies in urgent need of the higher authorities, for staffing or school personnel system have the appropriate tilt to alleviate the immediate need.' Dai Wensheng said.

In Beijing Xuanwu Foreign Language Experimental School vice president Tao Yang Yung opinion, with the implementation of the new examination reform policies, diversifying the student selected test subjects will be very prominent, for teachers both in quantity and in quality requirements will increase. ' Therefore, the school in advance some of the reserve subject teachers selected test subjects is very necessary. '

Yang Rong Tao said that under the new exam background, schools must strengthen teacher training, especially for history, geography, ethics, biology and other conventional non-examination subjects teacher training, to guide teachers through continuous research, practice and reflection, the progressive realization Teaching from too much attention to discrimination of students to develop core literacy up. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 中學“小科”教育面臨教師短缺

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