1 retired colleagues evaluated Guizhou University President Zheng Qiang: is a comedy actor

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Zheng Qiang. Data Figure
Zheng Qiang to the 2012 session of the graduate school after the first class of freshmen. Data Figure

In recent years, Zheng Qiang has been standing on the cusp.

His remarks respected by many users, but also accompanied by huge controversy.

He was known as the 'angry young professor', 'most college students favorite president.' Like him, think he maverick, the courage to reform, do not like him, that he grandstanding, keen speculation.

A month ago, Zheng Qiang paragraph about flight attendants speech video widely circulated on the Internet, his sensual and Mao: 'Why Chinese flight attendants do not have graduate programs that push a car down a water child do??' 'Why in heaven pour girl pour on the ground than pretty. '

Zheng Qiang little excited, leaving the seat, hunched body, learning stewardess carts action.

Zheng Qiang public accusations of discrimination stewardess occupation, a group of aviation vocational trainees away in Sichuan protest placards: Zheng Qiang, class!

'Little things, do not affect me.' Zheng Qiang said to peeling an onion, he do not care about other people's accusations, he felt he was successful educator.

However, not long ago, the first democratic elections in the school meeting, Zheng Qiang votes bottom. Suit, he quietly looked down, take down the tie, he appeared nonchalant.

Over the years, he still do not understand, have done so much for your big contribution, why are some people dissatisfied with him?

He said he was very lonely.

'Mixed record'

'He, ah, it will boast.' Guizhou University, a retired teacher mentioned the president Zheng Qiang, that he was 'more said than done', 'You see him in those online video, dancing, where university presidents look like , is clearly a comedy actor. '

But freshman Liu Xu opinion, this like a real president, 'no airs, true.' Liu Xu Zheng Qiang is called the 'strong man', 'A lot of teachers and students called him, those who oppose ' strong brother 'of the people, too conservative. '

He told the onion: 'Students have any questions, you can mail a letter to the principal, the principal's office can even go directly reflect the general will soon receive a reply but the problem reflected in the two colleges, very slow response effect. not evident. '

Zheng students express a strong favorite with young people the unique way, Guizhou University, 'Principal expression package' widespread, 'Sometimes, his face meetings, speeches in an interesting one, then the brain will be wide open hole the students make a picture. '

In one picture, he is wearing a white shirt Zheng Qiang angry face, with the text: '?! What are you doing'

Zheng Qiang initiative for onion comes to controversial remarks caused the flight attendants, 'I only speak for themselves to apologize, because I had spoken to say bad words, but I do not think my words wrong, they are taken out of context, only three and a half interception hour lecture in three minutes. 'and that is a period of six years ago, Zheng Qiang speech video.

The same is a video, two sessions this year, Zheng Qiang also received praise from most cattle principals He attacked the current uneven distribution of educational resources:? Four central bank to open a branch which is not in Guizhou telecom operators which can not open branches in Guizhou? the two oil giants to open petrol stations in Guizhou which is not? why not do college yet?

Over the years, criticism and praise is always accompanied by strong principals career Zheng, a student commented:.. 'Mixed record'

After the 'flight attendant incident' occurred, some students spontaneously to Zheng Qiang 'rights', they see the public release of non-real number of principals news report on the point, but it was also, as the online 'class' Good Shengjiao.

'My civil and military'

For flight attendants controversial remarks, he said: 'During that three-minute video, not a round of applause.'

Zheng Qiang suddenly staring around asking people, 'on the other hand, I have so much fame? I do not say a word, can cause such a strong response.'

'There!' People around to answer.

Zheng Qiang looked very excited, sitting in a chair on his legs kicking up in the air.

Then he said to the staff side, said: 'Come on, you listen to my personal struggles.' He talk about culture, education revisit China, speaking youth talent, he sang the last period of bel canto.

Zheng Qiang, born in 1960 in Chongqing, later admitted to the Department of Chemistry (microblogging), Zhejiang University.

'I do not really smart, I just look smart.' Zheng Qiang said at Zhejiang University (microblogging), sixty students in the class, his results came less than ten.

1982 graduated from college, some students staying in school, and some admitted to a graduate student who were assigned to the Ministry of Chemical Industry Chenguang Chemical Research Institute called a unit.

It is located in a 'Sichuan Shangougou institutions, can not sing, can not dance, all around the mountain.'

Zheng Qiang bored to transcribe college of 38 notes. 'This copy of improper tight, I found the university did not learn professional knowledge.'

So, Zheng Qiang decided Kaoyan (microblogging).

In 1985, Zheng Qiang admitted to the Department of polymer materials Chengdu University of Science graduate. Japan has experienced three years of study (microblogging), he returned to his alma mater, Zhejiang University to teach.

Schools give him this 64-square-meter house, he found that the students who lived next door during college students has become a Ph.D., but he was just a lecturer.

Zheng Qiang took two and a half time, scored professor, who caught up with classmates.

He said his military commander, 'Wu refers to my knowledge, the text refers to the art of nourishing life, such as music, speech.' He is most proud of the speech and singing.

Zheng Qiang family composition is not good, there are historical problems grandfather, and my father also switched over. Zheng Qiang said his family at that time can not see the future.

At that time my father went to the countryside, will see theatrical children in rural areas will be a little better life, let Zheng Qiang practicing singing opera, 'sing the opera, a good voice, singing is not a problem.'

Zheng Qiang told onion, Kyoto University graduate, he enrolled in a singing competition, singing a song of my sun. 'The next day, the window full of girls, racing to see me ah.'

Zheng Qiang body from side to side, as if someone really crowded around him.

In 2014, the opening ceremony of Guizhou University, he asked thousands of students beneath: As of 8:00 last night, you know, 'Chinese Students Speech network' Who came in first?

'One person ranked fourth, Ma (microblogging) ranked fifth, easy transit does not appear in the previous forty first, standing here, your president Zheng Qiang.'

'What could not understand.'

In 2012, Zheng Qiang arrival Guizhou University.

'I am over the counterpart support, entirely voluntary.' Zheng Qiang to peeling an onion, 'As the eastern region of University to the people, could not understand anything.'

He could not understand your big school, dilapidated, wooded campus welcome frown Road next Qiniubawai disorganized.

He found an old teacher in the school to open a restaurant, never had to pay utility bills. Also, as the highest institution of Guizhou Province, there is not even a school bus, a teacher from the city to go to work for a crowded bus.

Zheng Qiang now mentioned it, pounding the table with anger.

However, he could not understand most of the school's ethos: school teacher for eight years without examination, some professors do not write a paper a year, down Xunkao, he found that the examiner in the above play phone, students in the following turn book.

Zheng Qiang first school in the woods under his hand. He ordered to cut some trees in the woods covered road.

'At school I hear any objection, also cited the brand, saying that those big trees on behalf of your soul.' A person familiar with the situation at that time the teacher said.

Finally, the tree was cut down, Zheng Qiang also came to a 'bald strong' (nickname from cartoon bear infested << >>'s.

Then, he rebuilt the school, bought a school bus, removed the school of the restaurant, starting teacher assessment.

After taking office, Zheng Qiang drastic reform, his strong personality against a lot of opposition.

'At that time, he do any one thing, there are people who oppose.' An old teacher, 'she said Zheng Qiang came, school teachers and students are pleased to have jumped up, but he came to a work, but had not satisfied a. '

Starting in 2014, he is still your big implementation of the 'general education.'

In your large, regardless of specialty, sophomore Caifen. All freshmen enrolled Yangming University, undergraduate general education. Zheng Qiang think, science and engineering students should also have human feelings.

But some students do not buy it.

Department of Business Administration freshman Zhang Tongtong said, 'I understand the strong brother pains.' She has been involved in a historical knowledge survey found that many science and engineering students even occurred in the Sino year do not know.

'However, the whole society is very materialistic, we work with graduate or professional knowledge, learning these perhaps due to less than, the environment, no way.' She deeply suspect, 'freshman year is not wasted. '

Zheng Qiang insisted that he was right to carry out general education, he said, 'you see, the more students have this attitude, it shows the need for more general education.'

Someone Zheng Qiang this acting style understood as 'authoritarian', a retired teacher of onion, said:. 'The university, surnamed Zheng sent a'

But these objections Zheng Qiang did not care. He always used to respond, 'I am your province invited.'

Zheng Qiang summarized in your large school governance experience: 'Do not say forced, I think mainly because I charisma can be as large as the entire campus atmosphere have brought up.'

'To transfer at high speed stick'

In your large four years, Zheng Qiang hairstyle has not changed, only the black became gray, his stature weight loss, sunken eyes.

Zheng Qiang work 16 hours a day, there is no fixed point of the meal, sometimes two or three busy to eat lunch, eight or nine in the evening for dinner.

During the interview, Zheng Qiang onion peel more than once referred to his big achievements in your accomplishments, 'I got more than 5 billion.'

In 2012, arrived shortly after your big, he made a plan of action, Guizhou University, Guizhou University, proposed the building of a new campus at the end of a meeting of the province, he plans to keep up with the handlebar party secretary handed up.

Later, the provincial party secretary instructions, quick start your Daxin campus, and therefore got your big 40 million special construction fund.

He also put forward the 'Guizhou University Guizhou surname' philosophy, 'opened a special Maotai, big data, tea and other professional services to Guizhou.' To this end, he got the government more than 10 million financial support.

'Now, I do a series of things and Guizhou match, look at this educational ideas more clearly?' Zheng Qiang said.

However, Zheng Qiang, said four years, he felt very lonely.

He again mentioned felling event, 'It is a matter of joint decision of the leadership, then someone against me, trouble for three days, no one in the team results stand up to speak for me.'

He still do not understand, 'I have done so much for your big contribution, why are some people on my dissatisfaction?'

'Do not clap for me, can not fix me ah.' Said Zheng Qiang beat his legs.

May 10, Zheng Qiang in front of the digital school teachers face office said: 'I know who is against me, behind me the whole, you know it you can not know, just installed ignorant?.'

Several teachers just smiled uncomfortably.

About a year ago, he had wanted to leave the idea, 'I have done so much for your big thing, you can go home, right?'

Zheng Qiang, said his only regret is that your big reform to avoid reform shelved, 'To pass the torch high-speed operation.' Because high speed things up, will not be easily stopped.

However, Zheng Qiang believes that he has succeeded.

In his phone, deposit with dozens of messages sent to the university presidents, many of whom praise, one of which is: kind-heartedness, boundless beneficence, Wukong means.

Zheng Qiang holding a cell phone on onion exclaiming: 'Look, I'm the educator ah.

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