4 Ten undergraduate employment rate and monthly income of the richest computer ranking

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Computer Science and Technology, the most 'money', undergraduate salary of up to 4978 yuan

Law Major still 'difficult' jobs, the employment rate continued to 'bottom'

Wen / Li Jing

Jinyang hearing away from the entrance (microblogging) less than a month, many parents (microblogging) and the candidates are 'choose what professional', 'What is the school' and tangled University to read what the professional most suction gold? What professional satisfaction ??? What is the highest degree of professional promotion fast which most professional counterparts on the 7th, specializes in providing employability assessment report for the third-party Chinese universities educational advisory body - MyCOS published << 2016 China Graduate employment report >> the report shows that in the top ten undergraduate, professional financial management as the highest employment rate, reaching 95.3%, continues to the bottom of the legal profession, the employment rate was 87.9%. for professional 'money' is concerned, the Internet is closely related to computer science gold absorption capacity and technical expertise strongest session of 2015 graduates six months after graduation the average monthly income of 4978 yuan.

It is reported that China Graduate Employment Report << >> track evaluation data on training quality of university graduates six months after the 2015 session of 2016 in early March of this year, a total recovery of the total sample of about 25.0 million, of which approximately 123,000 undergraduate sample, high Vocational college students in the sample of about 127,000. in addition, Michael Best also investigated the 2012 session of university graduates three years after graduation data, a total recovery of the national sample of about 41,000, of which about 22 000 samples of undergraduate, vocational sample of about 19,000 students.

Financial management employment rate of over 95% of computer science and technology professionals the most 'money'

Good professional jobs data was a senior sister apprentice brothers scale. What the best professional job? Data show that from 2015 the employment situation of graduates six months after the point of view, the top ten undergraduate majors, financial management and computer science and technology specialty employment ratios were 95.3% and 94.5%, while the employment rate is still the bottom of Law, was only 87.9%, by 0.5 percentage points lower than last year. Reporters learned that last year, the most difficult job of undergraduate law major to become a professional, the employment rate 88.4%.

Vocational aspect, the data show that the employment rate marketing and vehicle inspection and maintenance of high technology, respectively, 93.1% and 92.0%, construction technology professional employment rate is relatively low, at 88.8%.

Are most professional high employment rate means 'money'? Data show that employment rate professional, not necessarily the most suction gold from the 2015 session of the graduates monthly income after six months, the top ten undergraduate majors in Computer Science and technology graduates the highest monthly income of up to 4978 yuan, followed by the international economy and trade, to 4123 yuan, while the highest employment rate of the financial management professional salary was the lowest with just 3645 yuan.

The data also show that, even from the 2012 session of the graduates three years after the monthly income of view, the top ten undergraduate majors, computer science and technology graduates still maintain a leading edge, a monthly income of 7932 yuan, while the same session, the financial equivalent after management (graduation months: 3645 yuan, three years after graduation: 6209 yuan and Chinese language and Literature (six months after graduation: 3789 yuan, three years after graduation: 5566 yuan monthly income of graduates is relatively low.

Interestingly, although the legal professional employment rate and the pay is not high, but the students graduate after three years of monthly income was ranked second in the top ten undergraduate majors, the monthly salary of 6763 yuan, second only to computer science and technology .

Data also announced the top ten vocational professional salary ranking, where marketing and Mechatronics Technology 2015 session of the students six months after graduation higher monthly income, the average monthly income was 3817 yuan and 3725 yuan. Nursing month relatively low income for 2810 yuan.

Law graduate after three years, the highest student satisfaction

Job satisfaction is an important benchmark job happiness, what is the highest degree of professional job satisfaction? Data show, 2015 undergraduate students six months after graduation employment satisfaction is the highest professional computer science and technology, job satisfaction was 70%, mechanical design and manufacturing its automation professional employment lowest satisfaction, only 58% of employment law major, though not good, but the data show that six months after the student graduates satisfaction of 67%, second only to computers and technology, and Chinese language and Literature, while the students employment satisfaction three years after graduation is ranked first in the top ten undergraduate majors, 69%.

It should be noted that neither the six months after graduation or three years later, Chinese Language and Literature employment satisfaction are relatively high (six months after graduation: 68%, three years after graduation: 65%, while the mechanical engineering and automation professional job satisfaction has been in the low trend (six months after graduation: 58%, three years after graduation: 51%.

Most civil engineering major counterparts, art and design professionals promoted faster

Apply their knowledge has been the university advocated the idea, but in fact, many university students after graduation is engaged in the professional and irrelevant work in the end what is the most professional counterparts? Data show that in the top ten undergraduate majors, either graduated six months or three years after graduation, the work of civil engineering graduates and professional degree have the highest correlation (six months after graduation: 86%, three years after graduation: 90%, followed by accounting (six months after graduation: 82% graduation after three years: 85% of the international economy and trade and professional work related to the lowest (six months after graduation: 52%, three years after graduation: 48%

In ten vocational professions, nursing and professional work related to a higher degree, after three years and six months after graduation were 92%, followed by Construction Engineering Technology (six months after graduation: 70%, three-year graduation after: 83% lower (six months after graduation logistics management professional work and professional Relevance: 47%, three years after graduation: 33%.

Which professional promotion fast? Data show higher within three years of 2012 Graduation job promotion proportion of professional art and design and international economic and trade professionals, were 57% lower proportion of professional promotion for the mechanical design and manufacturing automation, 47% in vocational 10 professional, graduate within three years was promoted to a higher proportion of professional marketing and construction technology, were 66% and 65%, a lower proportion of professional nursing promotion, 24 %.

Turnover also with profession, art and design professionals 3 2.4 years for the employer

Find a job, you'll soon change jobs? Data show that the frequency of changing jobs is also associated with the professional in the top ten undergraduate majors, civil engineering major turnover lowest in the 2015 session of the professional graduate student was only six months leave 13% in addition, the 2012 session of the professional graduates within three years the average number of employers low as 1.6, while the highest professional art and design within six months of graduation turnover, up 38%, the average number of employers within three years of graduation promising 2.4 , an average of more than a year for a job, and the profession has become the most volatile 10 professional undergraduate professional.

Ten vocational profession, nursing the most stable, the 2015 session of the professional graduate students within six months turnover rate of 17%, the average number of employers within three years of graduation is 1.6. Marketing, logistics management and vehicle inspection and maintenance of technical expertise turnover rate higher within six months of graduation, are 52% of 2012 vocational students within three years the number of large employers of professional vehicle inspection and maintenance technology and computer application technology, are 2.6.

related data

Ten undergraduate employment rate:

Financial management, 95.3%

Computer Science and Technology, 94.5%

Civil engineering, 92.6%

Accounting, 92.5%

Mechanical engineering and automation 92.3%

Chinese Language and Literature 91.7%

English 91.5%

Art and Design 90.6%

International economic and trade 90.1%

Law, 87.9%

Ten undergraduate six months after graduation Monthly income:

Computer Science and Technology 4978

International Economy and Trade 4123

Civil Engineering, 3914

Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation 3908

Law 3886

Art and Design 3885

Accounting 3825

English 3811 yuan

Chinese Language and Literature 3789

Financial Management 3645

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Traditional Chinese: 4 十大本科專業就業率及月收入排行 計算機最有錢

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