62016 Shaanxi civil service exam test query

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Shaanxi Province in 2016 unified civil service examination (microblogging) scoring has been completed, the written test results will be announced May 19 pm Candidates with my ID card number and registration number landed Shaanxi Provincial People's Government portal (http:. // Www .shaanxi.gov.cn / or the Shaanxi Provincial Administration of Civil Service network (http://www.sxgwy.gov.cn query.

This exam is the reference number of the province in recent years, most of the time. To guarantee a fair and impartial civil service examination, the provincial civil service department attaches great importance to the examination affairs organization, strengthen the security, supervision and inspection, the use of 'a multi-volume title 'radio shielding and other measures to effectively deter and combat the exam cheating. after the examination, specialized technical agencies designated by the central civil service department to 11.9 thousand candidates answer identification information identical papers, respondents identified 10 candidates highly similar, belong to the same examination room 'playing cheat Sheet' cheat. the examination papers of candidates identical rate of 8.3 per 100,000 live births, the lowest in recent years.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Office of the examination under the Civil Service hiring and relevant laws and regulations << civil service recruitment examination malpractices approach (Trial >> the relevant provisions of the candidates discipline violations dealt with severely, and by notice to announce the results, serious examination wind test discipline, maintain the credibility of the civil service examination.

The program of work according to recruitment arrangements, eligibility review and interview the People's Police physical evaluation positions, some positions professional examinations, interviews and other work will be orderly recent, relevant information about the candidates pay attention to announcements, participate in on time, the integrity of reference.

Provincial Office to remind the majority of candidates of the examination, should not rely on social training institutions unscrupulous so-called 'intelligence test interpretation, including through counseling training' and other misleading propaganda, to avoid being taken.

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Traditional Chinese: 6 2016年陜西公務員考試成績考試查詢

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