7 female teachers were unfamiliar male drag four junior high school group wall blocking the bad guys

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Ready to take the bus home from school four junior high school students to come forward

May 13 evening, near the city of Qingdao City, Taitung District Yan'an Road bus station, a female teacher in these buses after work, suddenly the strange man Shenglayingzhuai. Woman terrified, shouted for help several times, however, no adult people around helps. in the meantime, four junior high school students take the bus home from school ready to come forward and form a human wall, stand in the middle of a strange man with a female teacher, and tried to call 110, then seeing a strange man escape.

Female teachers were unfamiliar male drag, the circle of friends in the micro-channel heat transfer

'Today a person to work in Taitung other car, a strange man rushing at me straight on. At that time I was scared, would like to take this near two girls help to block the results of her son was scared ran. strange man still chasing, not far from the other car had to help three junior high school boys. 'I do not know him ......' is when the brain is a blank could think to say. 'May 13, a woman encounters a stranger pull articles in Qingdao, the public micro-channel heat transfer circle of friends.

The paper wrote that the station was full of people, but no adult help, as the three children stand in a wall between himself and the strange man, and called to help the students. 'Strange man several times to pull out my wrist I was pulled break ...... '

One Qilu Qilu Evening News reporter was removed several times to inquire into the point, the author made this circle of friends is located in an English children (microblogging) teacher City North Yan'an Road New Oriental Bubble children's education, and the rescue of female teachers is female teachers strangers Qingdao 42 students.

18, female teachers in the workplace, the teacher two colleagues to Qilu Evening News reporter confirmed the content of the article in the circle of friends, and claimed that the teachers currently is not convenient to be interviewed.

'She recently relatively poor mood, do not want to come back to remember what happened that night, terrible.' A colleague of female teachers being dragged Qilu Evening News reporter declined an interview request.

'Deliberately put himself leaning forward, blocking the man.'

18, the reporter went to 42, found the four students involved in the rescue pulled the woman, where three boys and a girl, are reading the first two days.

Dressed in a blue and white school uniforms, four students looked sunlight confidence. 'After the end of the matter, we all went home, and the parents say no, there is no teacher and classmates say. I think it is a small thing, nor think too much in ensuring their own security situation, whatever help that sister. 'I heard an interview to participate in the rescue of a boy Li Ming actually somewhat shy.

However, recall that scene the evening of the 13th, Li Ming feel the most is pulled pale woman scared, very frightened.

Li Ming told the Qilu Evening News reporter Lu One point, when he and two classmates in Taitung bus station waiting for the bus to go home. Suddenly, they heard several cries of horror. 'Help me, help me quick I do not know him. 'a young woman hid behind Li Ming, and pulled his sleeve, his mouth kept repeating' quick to help me stop, I do not know him, help me quickly. 'the tight follow the woman is a 30-year-old man with short hair. men trotting caught up, and hard and pulled the woman's hand, pulled her sleeve.

'I glanced at the corner of the man, my first reaction was that they were lovers, the occurrence of a conflict, in the fight, but then I was afraid that the woman, the man grinning smile, like a very normal human performance. I felt that my sister was with him really do not know. 'At that time and stand side by side together Xing Li Ming Zhou said.

Seeing like, three boys standing together side by side will be surrounded by a small arc, stepped forward, blocking the strange man. 'I deliberately put himself leaning forward, blocking the man, let him pull the sister.' Li Ming said, this scene lasted about two or three minutes.

Short-haired man repeatedly collision, have been blocked back

At this time, the other boys Liu then loudly shouted 'Who has a mobile phone, and quickly reported to a police help.' Because they have three boys no phone, only toward the other onlookers for help. At this time, the station Zhang Yun girls waiting for the bus pulled up the phone to dial 110.

'We see the man called the emergency phone quickly ran.' Zhang Yun said.

The whole process lasted seven or eight minutes after the man ran, pulled the woman began to cry. 'The sister weeping while constantly told us, 'Thank you very much.' She went out without the bus, cis the Taitung go all the way to the south. 'said Li Ming, frightened sister pale, crying badly.

Four students who recalls that at the station waiting for the bus, and many adult members of the public, 'waiting for the bus station next to the aunts and uncles have at least twenty or thirty people.' But no adults helps.

'That sister beginning to help the two girls, the results that both girls have been scared away, then she hid behind us.' Xing Zhou said.

'At that time, I also consider how to save the sister, thought, and we are three, should not suffer.' Said Li Ming, he is the first stop in front of the men with short hair, short-haired man repeated attempts to break open their , to pull the sister, they have been blocked.

In the vicinity of the incident, a similar incident occurred two weeks ago

One Qilu Qilu Evening News reporter learned that point, a young woman was forced to pull strange man, entangled scene near Taitung not the first time.

18, 42, Vice President Sun also tells the story of his encounter similar incidents.

Mr. Sun said that two weeks ago a night, about 8:30. After the station Road Station, he was walking on his way to school, I heard there were two women shouting 'help.' I take a look, a man the two young women pushed to the corner. 'I see this man about 1.7 meters, about 30 years old, looked like a sturdy, short hair also.' Sun toward the sound coming from the direction in the past, short-haired man saw passers-by He approached then fled.

Did not expect, just ran out of tens of meters, turn back halfway toward the strange man and two women, one of them would press down on the ground, another woman panicked call for help while pulling the man to beat while this time, with the Sun Another passerby yelled at the man ran forward together, and he pulled up.

Unexpectedly, strange man staring eyes, grinned and said, 'I find her, I find her.' Then ran away.

'The two girls not scared. Thank you told us that a few times, too, and quickly left.' Mr Suen said, after the incident, he had Dengzhou Road police station to report the situation. 'I think the police should be involved in the investigation in a timely manner. Taitung is downtown, a lot of people every day, otherwise there is a big security risk, especially next to the site of the incident in the school. '

Reporter's notes

Indifferent adults let the 'flowers' became the 'hero'

Half months, near the same place, two incidents occurred strange men forcibly pulled, tangled spate young woman, people scared! Fortunately, with the help of good people, the woman has turned the corner, the two incidents victims very lucky, but to take measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again, which is the current top priority.

18 pm, Qilu Qilu Evening News reporter contacted One point on the trouble the jurisdiction of Qingdao City, North Road Dengzhou Public Security Bureau police station, police station after listening to the briefing, let Qilu Qilu Evening News reporter One point directly north of the city public security Bureau publicity Division. Qilu Evening News reporter then contact the publicity department personnel, police prepared to understand on how to deal with the two incidents. 'both events, we have not received a report. school staff have already put these two things we have to reflect. 'phone, is responsible for publicity police told reporters. As for how to deal with the police to deal with, the other did not give a clear response.

When such serious incidents occurred one after another, and has aroused attention of the media, do not wait for the victim reported to the police intervene? Understand the situation, as the police responsible for maintaining public order to investigate whether the first time, precautionary measures in the first place, to prevent a catastrophe? I hope not to let innocent people regeneration concerns.

You can expect, the bad guys are not punished sooner or later there will be the next victim.

Qilu Evening News Qilu One point reporter the interview process, so that 14-year-old children are disappointed when they get in between the man and pulled a strange woman waiting next to adults treat this attitude is sit on the sidelines It is also not entered into society children, became blocked between the abuser and the victim's 'hero', was forced to go to a face able-bodied 'criminals.' in the confrontation lasted nearly 10 minutes time, no one stepped forward to ask, and no one active alarm. adults nothing to do with the mentality of inaccessible, the 'future of the motherland flowers' pushed to the front of the 'criminals' in.

Scream in the crowd, but no one responded. When most people become indifferent attitude of choice, then, when you encounter a similar situation, who will save you?

(One point Qilu Evening News reporter Lu Mei Li Zhen Zhang Xiaopeng

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