Xiaoman season inventory of traditional practices

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Diet: 'Oma' before and after lean folk custom to eat vegetables

'Little Moon' is the second most important after the throttle into the summer, although not the beginning of summer, the summer solstice as having an important role, but also the growth of crops can be counted as an important point in time, a series of custom Xiaoman season also formed around agricultural production , with particular emphasis on rainwater, Nongyan cloud 'Oma draft, large full to eat rice.'

When it comes to dietary customs, week << book >> goes: day of bitter herbs show Oma 'Oma' is in the 'lean' stage: wheat, corn and other grain crops begin full, but not yet mature, and fields the wild growth is booming. so people gradually formed at this time to eat all kinds of edible wild herbs including bitter herbs including diet.

In the eyes of many, to eat vegetables like poor people's behavior, but actually they are not formed from such practices actually pay attention to the diet, 'Ching' is to eat seasonal foods in season, if there is flour and the like accumulated last year under a number of people steamed wheat barley cake, is intended to alert people in summer and loss of appetite, staple food to eat.

In the long course of history, these traditions are not static, its meaning along with the actual situation and constantly adjusted, such as 'Oma' before and after the formation of these practices is to emphasize harmony with nature, it is intended to remind people, Xiaoman is a more important time node, go to adapt to the natural changes, do not mistake days.

Ceremony: Legend 'Oma' for the silkworm God worship birthday Folk 'Rider'

Remove to diet, there are many folk rituals quite mean. In the 'Xiaoman' before and after, the South people have 'three car moving,' saying three cars is the 'ox-cart, water tankers, spinning wheel', while 'offering three gods', that is in charge of the 'three car' of the gods, I hope the next good weather day, to have a good harvest. the more interesting is the ritual 'Rider' ceremony.

According to legend, 'Rider' for the White Dragon, Gao Wei introduced, people will put on lavish meals and other delicious food as a sacrifice, and prepare incense, but also had to prepare a cup of white water as a sacrifice, when thrown into the water festival farmland inside, pray for abundant rain.

At the same time, people will be held silkworm God worship rituals. Xiaoman ancient legends of silkworm God's birthday, in the south sericulture more Xiaoman is silkworm larvae hatched, grow mulberry important time node, and thus the 'Worship God silkworm 'Some are relatively more attention, then people will be rice flour or wheat flour as raw material, together to enjoy a snack food made from the shape of the cocoon, the cocoon can look forward to a good harvest.

Due to geographical differences, even throughout the South 'Festival Silkworm God' rituals are not the same, but without exception, will be very grand and warm in rural ritual will be held in the silkworm temple in the city, there are sale silk industry Hall will go to a special shrine worship, and invited the troupe singing, which are probably derived from the importance of sericulture it.

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Traditional Chinese: 盤點小滿時節的傳統習俗

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