Xiaoman to light after eating vegetarian

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May 20 to Xiaoman solar terms. Xiaoman is one of 24 solar terms, its meaning is the beginning of summer crops Grain filling full, but not yet mature, but Xiaoman, yet big full.

After Xiaoman weather is getting hot, sweating more, diet nursed back to health should be light vegetarian, eat as clearing heat, nourishing yin and the role of food, such as red bean, Coix seed, mung bean, melon, cucumber, lily, celery, water chestnuts, black mushrooms, carrots, Jichi venetian Gan fat mayonnaise greasy, raw wet wet food aid.

After Xiaoman, the rain increased, the weather hot and humid, Chinese medicine called 'wet evil.' Thus, Oma health should also be noted Jianpihuashitang especially introduce the following several suitable recipes Xiaoman solar terms.

Crucian fried egg roll:

Ingredients: carp 500 grams, 3 eggs, 3 slices of ginger, pepper to taste.

Practice: white fish slaughter wash, low heat and fry until yellowish, splashed into a little water, scooped a fried poached egg-shaped, scooped from the oil pan saute ginger, add water 1250 ml (5 bowl volume, Wu Huo boiling under white carp roll moment, the next egg, thrown into boiling after the amount of salt and pepper can be.

Efficacy: dampness appetizer

Celery tofu:

Ingredients: 150 grams of celery, a tofu, salt, monosodium glutamate, a little sesame oil.

Practice: celery cut into small pieces, tofu cut into small square small, are boiled with water, remove and cool down with cold water, control water and set aside.

Celery and tofu stirring, add salt, MSG, sesame oil mix, stir and serve.

Efficacy: Pinggan heat, dampness detoxification.

Features: cool taste, good summertime dish.

Melon Grass pot:

Ingredients: 500 grams of melon, 250 grams of grass carp, salt, monosodium glutamate, vegetable oil amount.

Practice: melon, peeled, washed and cut into triangular pieces, grass carp cross the net, leaving the end of the first oil will wash stand grass carp (with tail fry until golden brown, take a casserole, put it in the appropriate amount of water to fish. melon together into the casserole, after the first Wu Huo boil, switch to simmer and stew for about 2 hours, see the white soup, add salt, MSG seasoning and serve.

Efficacy: Pinggan, expelling wind, dampness, heat removal.

Green pepper fried duck pieces:

Ingredients: 150 g green pepper, duck breast meat, 200 grams, 1 egg, rice wine, salt, dry starch, soup, MSG, water, starch, vegetable oil and the amount.

Practice: duck breast meat split into 2-inch-long, wide sheet 6 minutes, washed with water after pouring dry, the eggs take Seiwa dry starch, salt, stir and mix well with duck pieces sizing, seeded green peppers, remove stalks wash net after slicing.

Boil hot refueling burning Zhi Sicheng hot, slice the duck pot with a spoon designated casual and cook until eight mature, add green pepper, fried duck pieces to be poured into the colander oil.

Pot to stay a little oil, add salt, wine, soup, till after boiling, then duck slices, green pepper into the water starch thicken, stir fry a few plate Serve.

Efficacy: temperature in the spleen, benefits of water swelling.

Water chestnuts, lotus root soup sugar:

Ingredients: 250 grams of water chestnuts, lotus root 150 grams of crystal sugar.

Method: Wash the water chestnuts, peeled, washed and cut into small pieces lotus casserole add water, water chestnuts, lotus root into the pot and simmer stew for 20 minutes, then added sugar such as stew for 10 minutes, Remove from heat and serve.

Effect: heat and dampness, spleen appetite, diarrhea Gujing.

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Traditional Chinese: 小滿後飲食以清淡素食為主

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