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Each language has some interesting words to describe the different characteristics of people. Some people describe the various idioms spoken in the United States often use not only allow you to understand American culture, but also help you to know more authentic and more pure American speaking.

Here are some interesting examples:

1. nerd and jock American students are two common sayings .nerd meaning and Chinese 'nerd' similar. These people are intelligent and diligent, but serious too conservative on campus rather people look down on the contrary .jock they burly handsome, very popular with the girls welcome, especially good at American football and basketball and other sports. of course, there are some beautiful campus girl jocks.

2. egghead word was first used in the 1952 US presidential election, when election campaign speeches are both World War II Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower and bookish Illinois Governor Stevenson. Stevenson carefully prepared text gorgeous obscure, and his only interest as intellectuals will therefore make fun of opponents, he said:... Sure, all the eggheads loveStevenson But how many eggheads do you think there are egghead meaning, refers to bookish knowledge is enough molecular.

3. hick and city slicker meaning of these two words in various languages can be found corresponding to a certain word, they are on the other side of the urban and rural people disparaging .hick means 'country bumpkin, bumpkin' the slick literally means 'smooth, slick', which is the city slicker countryman eyes of the 'town rather hardened, dressed glamorous, sophisticated city slicker was not credible.'

4.turkey (turkey), shrimp (shrimp) and crab (crab) in the three Americans in the eyes of animals, what would people do? Turkey is American Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day in every family should eat. However, live turkey looks ugly, clumsy action, so the turkey can be used to describe the kind of stupid, useless man. and that hired these turkey, they can not fire their government or commercial organization is known as a turkey farm. shrimp is often used to refer to those diminutive person or Nonentity Consider the following sentence:. You may call Napoleon a little shrimp but for a shrimp, he certainly made the restof Europe tremble and crab because ugly evil,. It is often used to refer to those irascible, bad-tempered man. boomer, yuppie (yuppies), dink (DINK), sandwich generation these four words reflect the economic and social changes in the United States twenty years after World War II, the United States population growth, people born in the period referred to in the United States as babyboomers, because there is a surge boom, boom meaning .yuppie (yuppies) (young urban professionals) refers to living in big cities, highly educated, affluent life successful professionals .dinks (double income, no kids) are those have a good job and income, but not to childless couples .sandwich generation, by contrast, they are necessary to support the elderly, but also to raise the next generation, sandwich-like being caught in the middle of the heavy financial burden of a group of people.

6. couch potato and mall rat and the Americans are two lifestyle-related sayings .couch potato refers to a time sitting on the couch watching TV, man, silent, motionless, like a chubby potatoes. The mall mall rat certainly not true rats, but to all right to like the old mall (shopping malls) in the mortar man.

7. backseat driver, wheeler-dealer, free-wheeler, fifth wheel and four vehicle-related common idioms .backseat driver sitting in the back of the car, but kept on the car in front of people find fault, so are those who own not on the job, but I like to give the incumbent to provide people who do not need advice shrewd .wheeler-dealer, is the kind of good at using the rights and wealth and do whatever they want in the political or commercial activities, arbitrariness person .free- wheeler like freedom, unfettered, are those unwilling to comply with its own rules and regulations of the workplace, people want to do on how to do it. the fifth wheel is a good means to guess. only four wheels of a car, then , fifth wheel is superfluous of course, undesirable people.

8. green thumb and all thumbs are also two very interesting saying .green thumb refers to the good people working in the garden, these people will always be able to clean up the green and pleasant garden, keep out of bright flowers healthy envy those fees a lot of effort, planted flowers and vegetables, but always out of the half-dead man. so, green thumb is that it will be working in the garden people. If a person is allthumbs like? think about it, though the thumb good, but if all ten fingers grow into short rough thumb, began to live must be hard, so all thumbs is described as a clumsy person.

9.penny-pincher and cheapskate refer to money very carefully, mean person .penny is a penny, pinch means 'pinch', the name suggests, penny-pincher those that have even a penny in his hand clenched tightly, reluctant to spend .cheapskate people out there who are everything to save money-oriented, the better the more the province, up to take you to dinner MacDonald. such people are often unpopular, especially so disgusted with their girlfriends. from this a sense, cheapskate more derogatory than the penny-pincher.

10. spring chicken and a lame duck refers spring hatched chicks and the lame ducks? Of course not, read the following two sentences, guess they mean it. (1) The woman said, over forty , so I'm not a spring chicken any more. (2) The governor of our state ended up as a lame duck when he lost the election. He still has sixweeks left in office but there's nothing to do except to pack up his papers in fact, spring chicken meaning 'young, inexperienced people', lame duck refers to the 'failure of re-election, the outgoing officers', also used to mean 'useless' and any US official - from the mayor, governor, senator to president - are likely to be due to incompetence and called lameduck. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 趣味盤點:10句奇妙有趣的美國俗語

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