Fund provided one million civil servants and moral incentives Beijing three university teachers and students

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May 16, 17, Cangnan County of Zhejiang Land and Resources Bureau of civil servants (microblogging) Lin Following the row has for more than 30 teachers and students of Beijing three universities awarded over 5 million 'prize Durkin.' The money comes from he personally set up 'moral Fund.' the total fund more than one million. when interviewed, I'm following the row repeatedly stressed that he 'is less than the annual salary of sixty thousand,' but the road is money, high-profile charity 'is not afraid of the investigation.' .

May 16, following the row in North Forest University presented 'award Durkin,' winning over teachers and students, according to the official website of North China University
Recently, I'm following the row back to his alma mater, the University of Science and Technology Beijing issued a 'prize Durkin.'

Zhejiang Cangnan a bureau of civil servants, saying that 'money road is not afraid of the investigation', Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (microblogging), Beijing University of Science and Technology (microblogging) and other more than 30 award-winning teachers and moral excellence

From Beijing to return home soon, Cangnan County of Zhejiang Land and Resources Bureau of civil servants following the forest came in succession after receiving several media telephone interview, suddenly realized: they may be 'red'.

May 16, 17, I'm following the row has for more than 30 teachers and students of Beijing University (microblogging) Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing University of Technology, North China University and other three universities awarded over 5 million 'prize Durkin.' This money comes from his own name to establish 'moral fund' to reward outstanding moral quality of university teachers and students. 'Durkin Award' total more than one million.

Ordinary civil servants Local land departments, charitable fund contributors, two identities Lin Following the row once stood cusp. In an interview with Beijing News interview, he repeatedly stressed that he 'is less than the annual salary of sixty thousand,' but the road is money , a high-profile charity 'is not afraid of the investigation.'

Source of income has been questioned

May 16 afternoon, the North China University report hall and ten teachers and students from the hands of the forest following the row in turn took a red envelope.

Envelope contained, and 1,500 yuan in cash. The money from the forest following the row in his own name to establish 'moral fund.' I'm following the discharge by the Fund was founded in 2015, the total amount of more than one million yuan, completed 10 years' pay .

I'm following the row according to the statement, the money is mainly used to reward outstanding moral quality of university teachers and students, is 'award Durkin.'

In his view, now is not the lack College 'scholarship', but looking material reward moral, is still a blank.

53-year-old Lin is following the row Cangnan County of Wenzhou bureau of civil servants. One million 'moral fund', their status bureau of civil servants are intertwined, once led to a public hot.

Beijing News reporter saw in Wenzhou, the local forum, many of them questioned their voices. And even friends said, hoped that relevant departments 'look I'm following the row source of income.'

Following discharge'm told Beijing News reporter, Recently, they have been too many questions, but did not 'afraid.' He said he had a number of technical patents on hand, it can charge a conversion fee per year, in addition, his wife business also earn a little money, the family life is fairly generous. he repeated several times to Beijing News reporter, 'my road is money, not afraid of the investigation.'

High-profile donors

I'm following the row is the 'high profile', and each time the award, he will shoot many photos, then on their own microblogging show while in conversation with the Beijing News reporter, he repeatedly mentioned his youth made through scientific breakthroughs, confident and proud.

I'm following a discharge opening, thick Wenzhou chamber still loud. He put this 'spiritual head', due to his own work is still in the front line.

In 1982, from the time of the Beijing Iron and Steel Institute (now Beijing University of Science and Materials Engineering After graduating from Cangnan rural forest following the discharge into the Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Plant work. According to him, Baosteel those years made a thesis, developed a new technology, the cause of smooth sailing. 'I published the first paper of the time, only in his early twenties, so young can make the results is very rare.'

Although 'leadership is serious about' five years later, I'm homesick following discharge or return to the Cangnan, Cangnan County Machinery Factory as engineer. 'At that time I wrote a computer program, and then China has no internet!'

In 1990, he entered Cangnan County Land Resources Bureau, responsible for land acquisition. This is a deal between the work of farmers and developers, who often need to screaming, shouting at the demolition site a day.

This work gave him, he is paid less than $ 60,000 a year. He said that 26 years, he has been working in this job.

'Universities hair holding money looking for money.'

I'm following the row, said he was 'holding the money,' found major colleges and universities. 'Durkin Award' traveled three colleges and universities, Beijing University of Technology Lin's alma mater following the row, and the North China University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications , is bringing together alumni.

As civil servants, high-profile donor program, so the above school was very cautious.

International School of Beijing University of Posts and deputy party secretary Ma Bin, told the Beijing News reporter, I'm following the row offered to donor requirements, the Institute did not immediately agree. 'For this school funding contributions, we are very cautious.'

A staff member of the University of North China to Beijing News reporter, said the school is not only to verify the personal circumstances of the forest following the row, but also its many contacts. 'The first time I saw him, wearing a very simple, very passers-by look, like a rich man. 'repeated exchanges down, the relevant departments of North China University of forest determined following the discharge of lawful sources of funding, this promise down.

May 16 and 17, the Beijing University of Technology, North China University and Beijing University of Posts and more than 30 teachers and students get 1,500 yuan per person 'award Durkin.'

These winners were selected out how?

College staff said told Beijing News reporter, in determining the candidates, based on the principle of individual introduce ourselves and push each other. 'Materials Institute report after by teachers and students for review, voting and finally confirmed.'

For specific candidate, I'm following the row did not really care. He handed over the right to choose schools, is only responsible for their own 'send money.' 'I was in order to promote positive energy, as long as the noble moral character, you can get the money .'He said.


'Not for the career, questioned welcome source of income to the investigation.'

A civil servant, why high-profile donate millions of dollars? Beijing News reporter Lin row following a dialogue.

'Many scholarship award Durkin rarely'

Beijing News: From Beijing Back home, life, what change?

I'm following row: Many media gave me the phone, there are a lot of people come to me for help, mainly because some life difficult for such, I usually do is I refuse ethical funds, not poverty alleviation fund.

Beijing News: Why only 'ethical fund'?

I'm following row: I feel, now university enrollment, and a variety of 'scholarship' is also a lot, but why the moral standards of society as a whole does not improve student cheating on exams, plagiarism professor, this kind of thing is much more to see, and wanted to do? something about. similar Award 'German' gold too little. I'm out of money, to promote positive energy community, I think it is very meaningful.

Beijing News: Why only reward college teachers and students?

I'm following row: this stems from my own experience I (college seventies of last century, when the family of four children, was simply not afford the Beijing Iron and Steel Institute (University of Science and Technology Beijing every month to me. 22 dollars of grants to be my living expenses solved if not aided schools, I do not read can not afford college. now a bit of money, and colleges and universities to cast a little, I think it is deserved.

Beijing News: Do you take the initiative to find relevant school do?

I'm following row: Yes, these three schools are actively looking for my door I by three acquaintances in the school that I wanted to donate a sum of money to start a school has not agree, then the contact with me. I determined that the money is no problem, and only then do things together.

'Medals for the province for shipment back to the past.'

Beijing News: you, as civil servants, how would there be so much money?

I'm following row: we are the couple's hardly worth the effort, although wages are not high, more than fifty thousand dollars a year, but I used to engage in technology, there are several patents that can charge a small fee each year my wife conversion in Wenzhou do business. also earn some money. we two couples usually live very frugal, like the trip to Beijing, we took thirty medals, have been prepared to check, then a better count hundreds, went back on their own. Medals heavy feet skin was torn.

Beijing News: Some people questioned you?

I'm following row: There are some close acquaintances, and some users have expressed, I suspect that the source of the money for this question, my attitude, my road is money, not afraid of the investigation questioned my source of income. welcome to check me.

Beijing News: Some people say you are famous for career?

I'm following row: I am more and more famous, also had this discussion what does that mean I've done this job for 26 years, 53-year, and can rise to any position.??

Beijing News: Why every time the awards, have become a high profile?

Following the New Forest: My people have a mantra, that 'life can be low-key, high-profile work must be' leadership tried to persuade me that I should not be too high-profile publicity, on the one hand that I am confident, nothing to fear, on the other hand, I am. I think it is a propaganda society needs positive energy.

'First of shortlisted candidates to 'filial piety' '

Beijing News: For get 'Award Durkin' people, what is your request?

I'm following row: candidates are recommended by the school, and I am here only a few major direction of the first to filial piety, filial piety as the first, second to fraternity, and the third to be honest, the last to dedication, this one. for teachers.

Beijing News: the establishment of ethical funds to your life in general?

I'm following the row: in fact, a great impact, I am not the kind of very wealthy people, an old Mazda opened a dozen years but these does not matter, the money spent will not save me a penny.

Beijing News: What is the future plan?

I'm following row: I want to 'moral Around the World', the future hope into the Universities across the country, but now my circle is relatively small, many schools still do not come I will also want to contact 'award Durkin' extended to Tsinghua (. microblogging) Peking University (microblogging) and other universities, but because there is no 'road', it has been unable to do so. this is one of my focus after it, I hope someone can help me matchmaking.

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