Xiaoman after moderate exercise humidity and sweat

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Moderate exercise humidity and sweat

Summer is hot, this is easy to sweat, moving ARVC is easy to sweat, which is the body sweating Xiere, regulate the body's yin and yang balance of the process. Xiaoman obvious during the hot and humid climate, adequate sweating does have a lower body temperature, moisture discharge effect, it is regular exercise perspiration have heat dehumidification effect.

However, sweating dehumidification proper degree, once the excessive sweating but easy to damage the body as sweat too much exercise, the body will feel fatigue, weakness, or shortness of breath, short of breath, which is the air vent with the sweat too much, loss of body strength, breath of weakness. If sweating more than continue to vent perspiration occurs with the sweat off the air, a lot of body fluid depigmentation, decreased blood volume, will be further developed into shock, fainting and other emergency and critical illnesses.

Experts suggest that summer sports need to grasp the scale, should exercise at a high temperature hot environment, exercise intensity should not be too large, should not be excessive sweating, not one-sided pursuit of more sweat, more dehumidification motion effects, it should take the body after exercise no obvious sense of fatigue, shortness of breath for the degree. If dizziness, palpitation and other discomfort during exercise, stop immediately movement, to avoid accidents. sweat after exercise, should replenish moisture, especially when sweating more, drink the right amount salt water to correct the loss of body sodium. Also, after exercise sweat wet clothes to dry in the body, put on dry clothes, so as not to catch a cold and out of place when air conditioning or cool air hair.

Good sunscreen to reduce UV damage

This season, ultraviolet radiation intensity, erythema extent of damage means that UV radiation on human skin, the more aggravated, at the same time, the greater the damage to the skin.

Generally speaking, for a long time to ultraviolet radiation, in addition to causing a lot of melanin deposition causing 'tanning' in the epidermis, the skin can also lead to accelerated aging, cause skin cancer, so you want to travel friend weekend, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and other heavily armed it.

Comprehensive Guangzhou Daily, Huaxi Dushi Bao reported

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Traditional Chinese: 小滿後適度運動出汗排濕

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