Xiaoman solar term includes three Phenology

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Xiaoman positive late May, significantly higher temperatures, rainfall began to increase, but sooner or later, will still be cooler, daily temperature difference is still large, especially after the rain the temperature dropped more obvious.

'Xiaoman three candidates': bitter herbs show the first candidate, second candidate extravagant dead grass, the third candidate to wheat harvest season.

Bitter herbs show: << >> In Pi Ya tea is bitter herbs << >> Mao said:. 'Who says tea bitter?' Is also Powell said:.. 'A sense of air and fire into bitterness' << Ya >> said:. 'not wing and with facts that the show, not real glory called the British,' this bitter herbs should also made Britain's Martin said:. 'a sense of air and fire of bitterness as' Yong << >> in order that sonchifolia month.

Extravagant dead grass: Zheng Kangcheng, Bao Jingxiang Jieyun: extravagant grass, Tinglizi genus << Book >> note reads: '. Grass leaves and extravagant fine person,' Fang said: 'All things being positive and living is standing strong, a sense of yin and the living is soft and extravagant. 'extravagant that the grass is also born Yam, it is very positive to die.

Slight to original after gold Chronicles << >> << on order to change the Early Summer >>:. 'The harvest is to, in the April to Slight in May from April Xiaoman into gas, it is easy it. autumn who Baigu mature, this time, although in the summer, in the autumn wheat, Gu Yun harvest is also. '

Comprehensive China News, Beijing Times (microblogging) reported

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Traditional Chinese: 小滿節氣包括三個物候

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