Get the IELTS reading multiple-choice questions: is particularly well positioned to do right?

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Many candidates in the transcript to see the moment, always doubt their own eyes: 'This score wrong it finished feeling pretty good ah, the article also read it?!' In fact, many candidates have not really caught IELTS (microblogging) the essence of reading. so, how can we improve the IELTS reading problem solving correct rate it? today, the new Oriental Ya Silv gull teacher to talk with you to get the IELTS reading choice of the correct posture.

IELTS does not test your Sherlock Holmes-like reasoning ability, the examiner will not give you the information and let you draw conclusions based on this information, on the contrary, they just give you the information and ask the contents of your message, and nothing more. The basic , they are just to make you repeat your message, saying called 'paraphrase' the answer lies in front of you.

IELTS reading problem has always been a student as 'particularly good position, that is not the right way,' the kinds of questions - multiple choice questions familiar to the candidates, however, starting from the primary school subject, living in the endless ABCD in. so high frequency topics, but always let the students was injured. new Oriental IELTS class, there is a choice of many almost stumped hero Han, now this question, for example, IELTS read the multiple choice questions to analyze.

Cambridge IELTS six Test 4 Reading Passage 3 of 32 questions:

Until recently, not much was known about the topic, and little help was

available to teachers to deal with bullying. Perhaps as a consequence, schools would often deny the problem. 'There is no bullying at this school' has been a common refrain, almost certainly untrue. Fortunately more schools are now saying, 'There is not much bullying here, but when it occurs we have a clear policy for dealing with it. '

The writer thinks that the declaration 'There is no bullying at this school'

A. is no longer true in many schools

B. was not in fact made by many schools

C. reflected the school's lack of concern

D. reflected a lack of knowledge and resources

First, the choice is to comply with the order of principles. In most cases, a paragraph out of a problem, with a maximum period of two multiple-choice questions.

Second, the students read the casual working, I found in the casual working There is no bullying at this school added the quotation marks, indicating that the reference to the original text, positioning a breeze. Students find the original post, the habit of watching the sentence behind, and soon encountered a new word refrain, then look down and see the untrue, and found the first option is very similar, so do not hesitate option A. in fact, the biggest feature is the multiple-choice options and cultural interference term of sentence length was similar to that option at this time is mostly wrong answer. there are some students look to the future one, to see the schools deny the problem, the school denied the problem, the students thought rambled around numerous negative information, the school must be lack of interest, only to deny the problem and conceal the truth, so choose immediately C, so that everyone is guilty of excessive self-inference and inference wrong, IELTS reading study only synonymous to convert the literal sense. in fact, deny front of the problems, there has been very important logical word relationship as a consequence, the phrase back then is the result, in front of the reasons the stem, positioned behind as a consequence, the description of this question is to examine reasons for this generation, so the answer is this the first sentence of paragraph synonymous rewrite the saying goes: logic, everywhere.

Third, after targeting the answer lies sentence, looking not much was known about the topic, and little help was available to teachers to deal with bullying synonymous substitutions of this sentence .. there were two negative juxtaposition, again reflects the importance of logic for IELTS reading. First, the original text expressed bully does not understand, and second, the teachers did not get help to deal with bullying, D options in line with the negative words lack, knowledge and resources.

To summarize, IELTS 5% multiple choice questions asked relating to an article or choose a suitable title for this article, but the details will be 95% of the choice given in the article concerned. We need to do is put the information provided in the article to repeat the grading person, you do not need to draw conclusions based on this information. in fact, choice is not difficult, not because positioning is not accurate, but more mixed up with their subjective wishes, or is it the author sentence generating imagination, association and even a fantasy. we just through casual working correctly positioned, do not be confused by similar interference term can be synonymous correct conversion, do not over infer that choice will be able to easily win. Finally, the new Oriental I wish you all the teachers IELTS exam goes well, to achieve the desired score. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 搞定雅思閱讀選擇題:特別好定位 就是做不對?

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