Studying reading: Secret world's number one professional high force grid

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Study abroad (microblogging) news magazine, what forced the world's highest grid specialty? Philosophy? Classical Studies? Or simultaneous interpretation?

All! Do not! Yes! While learning and be able to combine political, economic and philosophical PPE professional is the highest professional force grid.

What is PPE professional?

Professional PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics was founded a hundred years ago by the British Balliol College initially is an extension of classical science and modern society was relatively out of touch, it is also known as 'modern classics . '

What PPE professional school?

PPE professional core idea is that a person must be to understand the social phenomena through interdisciplinary knowledge and a different frame of mind. Students to acquire critical thinking skills and independent thinking through the study of philosophy, through the study of political and economic to understand and evaluate modern government and enterprise management and operation system of society in order to establish an independent student life and values.

PPE majors need to attend three professional direction of the course, such as the direction you want to pursue philosophy through philosophical theory, moral philosophy, logic-based, democratic theory studying political science direction, Britain, France and the United States and democracy, economics studying microscopic direction, macro and mathematics sophomore and junior year, students can choose to continue to read these three disciplines or drop off one of the two additional subjects in-depth study subjects. Since each issue should be in-depth study, PPE classes contain a lot of reading and super writing tasks, so that the professional courses has been called 'devil training.' at the same time the professional acceptance rate is very low, one specializing in Oxford it is difficult admission.

How PPE graduate employment?

Since the surface of PPE professionals involved and learning is very wide, so the direction of employment after graduation is very wide, including bankers, entrepreneurs, news reporters, social workers, lawyers, politicians, professors, etc. According to statistics, the profession 12 sovereigns and six Prime graduates include former British Prime Minister Cameron and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, including. PPE can really learn to embark on life as CEO pinnacle marry white Fu-mei ah.

Which schools offer specialized PPE?

See so much expertise, we are not also want to apply for it. Here we study the king came and opened the PPE inventory at those professional University (in fact, still with a lot, so this is not the full lists Jun-Jun coming interested small partners can be found in the full list of the above Wikipedia

United Kingdom:

Oxford university

London School of Economics

University College London

Durham University

York University

Lancaster University

University of Exeter

University of Warwick

University of Manchester

University of East Anglia

University of Sussex

University of Reading

King's College

Royal Holloway College

United States:

1, comprehensive university

Yale University

University of Pennsylvania

Duke University

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Iowa

University of Notre Dame

University of Pittsburgh

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Michigan


Pomona College

Denison University

Wesleyan University

University of Richmond

Canada and Australia:

University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus

University of Western Ontario


In addition, Peking University (microblogging) is now open PPE professional friends. (From the magazine to study public number Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 留學必讀:揭秘全球排名第一的高逼格專業

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