"Hearthstone legend" players were accused scraper nigga Blizzard can not endure: the fight against discrimination

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Hearthstone legend >> << get the runner-up at Dreamhack Austin station TerrenceM although unusual bright performance in the game, but the excellent performance behind it in a foreign country does not deserve applause. Twitch filled with racial remarks. I was among the country live , everyone said, 'Heige true dark horse, played well,' while foreign barrage said 'playing Hearthstone laptop is stolen it, 'nigger' 'and used abusive words' ni * ger ' .

Hearthstone legend << >> players were accused scraper nigga

Then Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said in a statement called on Hearthstone players and professional players do not have to set an example of racial discrimination, and swear by Blizzard, to take the necessary action against Hearthstone legendary >> << event of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

His statement that one of the core values of Blizzard is 'a wonderful play, the fair play (Play Nice, Play Fair', event organizer and they will work together to change the status quo and Twitch now .Twitch has begun test monitoring barrage program to battle this happens, users take for hate speech stop closure process.

Mike also appealed to all vendors and platforms to take positive action to prevent this happening. Of zero tolerance for human rights violations.

(Source: Phoenix Games Editor: Wimpy kid

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Traditional Chinese: 《爐石傳說》選手被刷屏罵黑鬼 暴雪不能忍:打擊歧視

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