I have pride in my daily posture embarrassing Tucao: drop Everlasting never separated

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Three Views destroyed / broken floor / no product Terrier gathering, working day update, bringing the most incisive bone Tucao and the best caption! In position to make the freshest Tucao >> << Daily embarrassing! (Dac

The strongest challenge to design a brain Project: 500 lipstick color number corresponding to 500, after the Challenger observation and memory, by a field female guests, Lin Chi-ling it on randomly selected and applied lipstick, lip challenger observe female guest reported the corresponding color number three times correct as a challenge successfully. how kind, is not difficult to bursting, yes, the project applies only male challenger, Wang Yu-heng expect to challenge!

Before I was a man when, how bad can practice this trick -

I can not squat hide ......

Pretty have already begun to close 520 gift, I looked in the mirror, gave up. People are two, one nice An ugly, I'm caught in the middle, is a good ugly, I do not believe 520 because I did not stay too, we have not received a gift -

So I believe in 502, a drop of existence, three seconds can be, never separated!

Bear: 'We Listen, this is my blood brother, Causeway Bay later by his hood, he had to say what I say, who will not give his face is against me!' -

Wang: 'Suddenly a little counseling ......'

Forget any money to eat very embarrassing to me: 'You see my boss forgot any money, or press the phone here, I went back to get the money.'

Boss: 'Since you bring a cell phone to call people to get over it!'

Me: 'Boss you experience before 'a person to sleep, a person to eat, a man in love with a man' can call me what you need to remind you?!'

Ha ha ha which is not installed Deadpool kernel -

If in the field, do not buy will feel guilty

Travel girlfriend just came back and asked me: 'dog do?'

Just came back and asked the dog! I suddenly wanted to make her look said:. 'Given away'

Fast anxious to see her crying face, I laughed, put that pot on the stove, he said: '!! Haha lie to you in the pot it ......'

I heard that dog meat pot with his wife divorce date cake with more Oh -

One had better Goua

Laughter sister, chest generally not too small, because the music very liter cup thing.

Phone battery 91% and 89%, although're just two points, but two very different feelings.

Home to the new cat -

If romance

Others do not know, to me anyway, why thin thin, not simply because of exercise and diet control, not just because of the simple eating fat.

I said that bike Wuling Hongguang simple thing -

Now more and more rich people will play

Just buy watermelon did not bring change, praises his grandfather to let him find a 100, he waved his hand and said, recently received quite a few counterfeit money, I would rather not sell watermelons do not dare to close 100 of the. Think of a few days ago see reports, recently did a gang of criminals who dedicated counterfeit fool the elderly, I can not help but be filled with emotion, if not the beasts, I counterfeit 100 of this may already spent.

You have to admire the third brother's imagination -

This god effects

A buddy child has been a very depressed, because he rented facade barber shop, business is better to recruit apprentices, the results apprentice with the landlord daughter dating a few days ago apprentice buddy child, said: 'The house is not for rent due to you, we want to open their own barber shop. '

Real food goods, unopened snacks courage to face, dare to ignore the flesh and blood family -

Younger brother

Are playing computer, 5-year-old daughter ran for money, I do not give.

Daughter said: 'You do not give, believe it or not I use the remote control to turn off the computer!'

Me: 'If you can remote control to turn off the computer, I will give you 100!'

Then I saw her using the remote computer poked switch ......

Definitely bear children to teach -

A shameless, a skin itch

Zhu Yuanzhang find eight people, the establishment of the Ming dynasty, he went looking for 18 people, the establishment of the world's largest e-commerce empire, to find 72 disciples of Confucius, Confucian influence the establishment of the world! I'm looking for three people -

We lost 3,000 thousand ......

New skills -

I see burning up

Elders consider to play phone when eating is a bad habit, in fact, another point of view, we are playing the phone did not forget to eat, how kind, is not looked very will take care of yourself?

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Traditional Chinese: 我有姿勢我自豪每日囧吐槽:一滴永固永不分離

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