Boys play thrown knife pierce the girl brain (Figure)

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A 15 cm long silver knife, insert the back of the head 12-year-old girls, the tip 'Romantic Swordsman' four words shocking. The evening of May 16, Dongguan City, the Third People's Hospital to a special patient.

Evening surgery, anesthesiology whole defensive wave knees with both hands on the girl child's head, tremor what will not work; neural surgeon Zeng Zhiming help of tools, will tie between the parietal and occipital knife and slit pull force .

Yesterday morning, reporters in the ward to see the girls in addition to brain faint bit of pain, but basically harmless, can be discharged soon. Speaking about the 'Romantic Swordsman', the girl child, said she and her friends that night when playing in a small park another 13-year-old boy thrown knife pierced in her.

Later, Huizhou Boluo Shiwan police station found the boy, the boy's father rushed to the hospital, to bear medical expenses, the two sides are still consulting compensation.

'Romantic Swordsman' bar girls into the back of the head

Dongguan City, Third People's Hospital of Neurosurgery physician Zeng Zhiming clearly remember, when 12-year-old Yao Huilin Shiwan people were sent to hospital by ambulance, already at 20:20 on May 16, 'when she was lying in bed, stuck a knife 'on the back of the head.

Zeng Zhiming said that the child was very sober man, able to speak, 'is moving about the pain, to call.' Condition so urgent, immediately arrange for the child head CT examination and found the tip just penetrated the skull, head into the tie tip a total of about 3 cm.

Head very hard, you want to tie into the brain Flying is not easy. Zeng Zhiming said that when they found the film after consultation, coincidentally, is just the tip of the bar in the 'people' shaped slit child parietal and occipital between 'little children, this gap has not completely healed, so the knife can tie into, if an adult, there is no gap, knife simply tie does not go.'

'At that time the situation is very urgent, very worried about the children,' Zeng Zhiming said the hospital immediately give the child to associate this surgery, the knife taken out, otherwise the knife may further damage brain tissue, causing secondary damage, and may even lead to intracranial bleeding .

Doctors knees Satisfy head force pulling knife

However, faced with such a plunge into the head of the knife, how the surgery has become a problem.

CT showed knife has penetrated the skull to break through the dura, can not determine whether the damage blood vessels and brain tissue, craniotomy can see the injury situation, but will result in a relatively large cranial trauma; no craniotomy, if a large blood vessel damage, pull out the knife directly after, you can not stop the bleeding and debridement.

Neurosurgery Deng Jingyang said, 'the first program, children must be more suffering, and healing time is also president; the second option is much simpler, but once unexpected trouble occurs is not small, the end, we decided to use the second all programs at Bo. 'at the same time, will also make preparations for craniotomy

Before the surgery, when the children shaved, moving about the child began to cry; knife in the head, when the child can not be placed flat head, how do anesthesiology wave came up with the whole defensive approach, 'In the case of child anesthesia,? let the children head hanging, hold the head to draw his sword. 'in this way, the whole defensive wave kneeling and holding a child, one could not move.

Zeng Zhiming first hand to his sword, simply pull does not move; then only by means of tools will pull down the knife tip shocking 'Romantic Swordsman' four words.

Children uneventfully, a few days can be discharged

Throughout the procedure, the 12-year-old Yao Huilin very sensible, very fit. Zeng Zhiming said, and then pull out the knife and the wound was closed film examination, found that there is no bleeding, 'really lucky. Piercing site is very close to the large intracranial vessels and center of life, if another big point or knife efforts midline again, the outcome may be completely different. '

Yesterday, the reporter in the hospital ward to see Yao Huilin, her grandmother and her sister to accompany the side to take care of. Yao Huilin's head wound gauze against her in good spirits, in addition to brain sometimes some faint pain, the whole people have no big the obstacle.

Zeng Zhiming said that on Monday night to do the surgery, postoperative week to the hospital, so you figure a few thirty-four days Yao Huilin can go home, you can go back to school to go to class.

Grandmother and sister saw Yao Huilin getting better every day, very happy the whole treatment costs about 8,000 yuan, most of the costs from the 'Romantic Swordsman' in the master after the incident, the bear child has been found.

Where's the knife, why tie in the head?

After surgery, Yao Huilin pull down from the head, 'Romantic Swordsman' in the hands of her sister Yao Yindi, she said, 'Flying heavy, round hole in the middle, you can rotate the finger.' She handed the knife Shiwan police station.

Shiwan police station and soon found the 'Romantic Swordsman,' the owner, is a 13-year-old boy, mainlanders, parents do plasterers in Shiwan.

Yao Huilin said she read the fifth grade, at 19:00 on May 16 and more, after eating dinner, she and a female students in the same village went to the village Hushan park to play, 'the boy also, then, that female students and boys got into a fight, we take the time, the boys took aim at her knife rejection in the past, the results of the bar to me. '

The boy's knife is where's it? Yao Huilin said, 'it seems to be picked up, before they took him to see.'

Because the boy under 14 years of age, according to relevant regulations, under 14 years of age who commits a crime is not criminally responsible, police finally released the boy. The boy father to pay part of the medical expenses, compensation for how the two sides are still consulting. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 男童甩飛刀玩紮入女童後腦(圖)

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