"Brave Adventure" animated the second quarter of the first chapter of the Western Xia Tombs next end

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<< >> Brave adventure animation by South Pine Uncle suspense as the new 3D animation worldview architect Quest, its second season on March 25 launched, currently being hit in the whole network, the popularity continued to hit first animation in the second quarter, in order to find the animation end of the first quarter of departure Tu, Anam assiduously practice has grown to the extent that you can work independently. on Friday, the first chapter of the story in the second quarter officially ended, village end Chou Meng-like Behemoth estate volumes, the story began to transition to Anam, Tu into the Western Xia tombs, proceed 'brave Adventure.'

The first chapter is the conclusion of a new set of people with great success

<< >> Brave Adventure Animation arrival in the second quarter once again become a hot chase Fan In the second quarter, the story puzzles immediately previous quarter, Anam off to find God tea, and moved to Paris, France, and later broke into the Behemoth estate. spate of new characters, overwhelmed, is too small in the first quarter than the a Saier Qin Wang Jiang pig fat and more 'fidgety.' Manor is a master Behemoth delusion resurrection own sweetheart BOSS-class people, the last time was (talk should not escape the fate of being rid of. a Saier Qin whether or Behemoth, who set the second quarter after the debut of the new harvest have a lot of money popularity.

The first chapter in the second quarter ending time and a new character - a mysterious BOSS, sexy woman, sexy woman and around, 'junior partner' At the same time, the second quarter Feng Shen Yin Tak joined the imperial afterglow (. this is certainly a hint, a new image, although many people just started some not meet, but gradually also new temperament of Feng Shen attract.

The second chapter is coming back to China Western Xia Tombs Quest

<< >> Brave Adventure Animation has ended the second quarter of the first chapter, the second chapter coming soon. You can see from the eighth episode of the story, this time the adventure back to the Chinese, will go to find new Western Xia Tombs clues Anam God and tea, as well as a combination of adventure Feng Shen Yin Tak, this time will encounter what kind of difficulties? mysteries appearing in the previous chapter 'Fan Nepalese eye', and around this chapter the 'cloud home record' in, then goes home record and documented what kind of secrets? in Chapter a Saier Qin stole a cloud home record, andesite, Tu they will encounter again A Saier Qin to do? these are worth the wait.

<< >> Brave Adventure Animation in the second quarter in the first quarter on the basis of the plot start a new adventure, new characters, new 'risk copies', suspense after another brilliant. On Friday, the ninth episode of the Western Xia suspected mass graves about on-line stay tuned.

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Traditional Chinese: 《勇者大冒險》動畫第二季首章完結 下一站西夏古墓

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