Beware! Five signal liver deterioration

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The following symptoms, we must guard against the liver is not a problem

1 sign, easy to get drunk

Some people, usually a heavy drinker, but has now become a little drink after feeling 'drunk', this sign to remind you of liver dysfunction, liver damage, and liver can not completely break down alcohol metabolite acetaldehyde.

2 signs, increased acne

Luteinizing hormone in the human body plays a role in promoting the secretion of sebum, while the liver is able to destroy the luteinizing hormone, hormonal balance adjustment, so liver function will reduce sebum secretion increased, leading to acne have arisen.

3 signs, easy purulent wound infections

Liver plays an important role in human metabolism, impaired liver function, then skin regeneration will be hampered. In addition, the liver's detoxification function decline prone to bacterial wound infections.

4 signs, red nose

The so-called 'red nose' is telangiectasia nose portion is formed. Although the 'red nose' does not necessarily lead to liver damage, but women in liver function decreased, prone to 'red nose' when hormonal disorders.

5 signs, his face black

Liver iron metabolism plays an important role, usually accumulate iron components within the liver. Liver cells are disrupted, then iron liver cells flow into blood vessels, so blood iron components increases, leading to his face black. This symptom most likely in men and women after menopause who appear. Therefore, when there is face black signs, we must be alert to whether the liver damage, and liver to promptly.

Everyday nine liver killer

1. The lack of sleep. Today, many people have to work at night or entertainment habits, but staying up late most likely proudly liver disease. The reason is that during sleep, the body goes into self-repair mode, both often stays up late lead to lack of sleep, the body resistance power drops, the night would affect the liver repair itself. people have been infected with hepatitis virus late at night but also worse. American sleep Association expert Professor Neil Colin said, 'stay up late family' should try to adjust the schedule, preferably every late fall asleep before 11 o'clock, to ensure enough sleep every night from 7 to 8 hours to allow effective liver detoxification, to ensure systemic health.

2. The morning after getting up is not timely urination. The European Association for the Study liver specialist Dr. Daniel Paradis said body detoxification through urination, perspiration, defecation perform. Urinate soon after getting up in the morning, you can accumulate overnight timely discharge of toxins In vitro, in vivo retention avoid toxins, cause liver 'poisoned.'

3. overeating. A lot of people know, something to eat too much will increase the burden on the stomach, induce fatty liver. Dr. Paradis noted that overeating not only harms the health of the gastrointestinal tract, are likely to cause free radicals greatly increased. Liver the key role is to help the body against free radicals, remove toxins, purify the blood. the more free radicals in the human body, the more severe liver dysfunction.

4. Do not eat breakfast. Nutrition experts say that eating breakfast helps to neutralize stomach acid and protect the liver and reduce the risk of pancreatitis, diabetes, gallstones, constipation and other diseases. Ontario overall nutritionist Hermite Sue Rui Boshi said that a healthy breakfast can prolong satiety, avoid liver damage.

5. medication too. << >> British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a study that long-term use of painkillers and other drugs, will increase the burden of liver detoxification, cause liver damage. The new head of research, experts Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Dr. Kenneth Simpson said there were a variety of drugs and their metabolites easily lead to liver damage, leading to drug-induced hepatitis (liver medicine referred to). these drugs include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, antipsychotics, antidepressants, antiepileptics, sedatives, antithyroid drugs, antineoplastic drugs, hypoglycemic agents and cardiovascular drugs. Therefore, the medication must strictly follow doctor's orders, taken under the guidance of a doctor.

6. Excessive intake of processed foods. India registered nutrition therapist Dr. Xi Daqi then Zarate Hussein said that many processed foods add more preservatives, colorings, artificial sweeteners and other food additives. These Add ingredients contains many difficult to break down chemicals into the human body will increase the burden of liver detoxification, inducing liver damage.

7. The preference for fried foods, according to a study reported in the American CBS found that eating fried foods can cause liver month change significantly, triggering similar changes hepatitis enzymes. US medical expert Dr. Drew Oden He pointed out that the accumulation of fat and saturated fatty acids can lead to fatty liver. unhealthy cooking oil will increase the risk of heart and liver disease. in contrast, olive oil and sesame oil healthier.

8. The half-baked or eat charred food. Dr. Hussain said that half-baked food or cooking too far charred food (especially meat) and can lead to liver damage. The study found that drunken, half-baked oysters and shellfish often with bacteria and parasites, once acute gastroenteritis, dysentery, easily lead to liver disease worse, and even induced hepatic coma.

9. excessive drinking. Dr. Zev Israel Medical Center liver disease experts Nemo Asch said that excessive drinking will reduce the ability of the liver to purify the blood, resulting in increased toxins, and liver injury induced by a variety of diseases. In addition, alcohol also easily lead to liver poisoning, hepatitis induced by long-term excessive drinking can easily lead to cirrhosis of the liver. Dr. Asch said that high concentrations of alcohol drink more than two drinks a day (25 ml) will hurt the liver


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