10-year-old girl playing with the phone off the cervical spine

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Taizhou girl Angela 10 years old, is home to the little princess, very family pet.

That day at home, as usual graceful head down and play with your phone. Do not know how long to play, my mother cut good fruit, wanted to call Angela to eat, the results of a call, something went wrong.

'At the time I called Angela, she lifted her head, turning his head jerked up, probably want to ask me something. As a result, I heard a loud 'clicking' sound, Angela began to sore, crying.' Mom suddenly panic, she found her daughter's neck stiff in there, one could not move, I feel like neck 'fold' in general.

To a nearby hospital for a check, the doctor said Yingying is 'cervical curvature inflection,' but also a period of dislocation. After more than 10 days of massage therapy and other conservative, but the situation is more serious. Mom had her daughter to Taizhou director of Traditional Medical Traumatology Enze doctors rong help.

'It was the girl's head and neck to one side twist, a little sore movable head on straight.' The doctor should be said that after film examination, cervical sparkling first, second and third vertebrae dislocation forward, 'such a serious cervical disease occurrence in such a small child who became a doctor 30 years this is the first time I met. '

After several days of treatment, Angela's condition recovered. A chat with adults, should Rong asked a little girl suffering from cervical spondylosis causes.

'Said her mother, her daughter at home whenever you love Canadians phone or iPad to play, a play on a regular two hours, the head has been low, motionless, fascinated.' The doctor should say.

Why let the children play with old phone? Mom regret. The couple usually busy with work, with little time to play with our daughter, 'she playing when the phone would be particularly quiet, not noisy us to make her as long as she homework done, usually tacit her play phone. '

Rong said that before human cervical spine problems, mostly because of the long-term physical oppression caused. Now, it is mainly because the bow play phone, and even young patients at a younger age trend.

'Human cervical spine is like a spring, you always head down, it always maintained a posture and curvature, over time, more and more weak elasticity, and finally you can not restore.' Rong explains .

This is also a pre-disease symptoms, such as child-recurring dizziness, headache, difficulty concentrating in class, and even dizziness and nausea and vomiting, there may be a precursor to cervical disease, parents must pay attention to.

While adults suffering from cervical spondylosis, the treatment it will be relatively harder to restore a child nor fast. 'Cervical spondylosis is a chronic disease should be early prevention, mainly by the usual good habits.'

Rong recommended a 'reverse movement Law', can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis: If you often down, so far as possible every 20 minutes to half an hour, then head back side opposite directions Yang several times, to reduce neck burden If often staring at a computer, it is recommended to rotate the neck about half an hour, do not invariably maintain a posture for long intervals. reporter Chen Dong

Newspaper correspondent Chen Yi Zhu Xiaomin

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Traditional Chinese: 10歲女孩玩手機頸椎折了

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