Hearthstone legend FESCO standard mode bust thief card group

Updated: May 20, 2016  Views: 208

Bust thief interesting is that with the fatigue to kill the opposite, and explode across the key when the card is very 'cool' bust thieves typically use shadow step + bust fish accelerated fatigue and explode across the card. In the new version the new card thieves 'shadow caster' is equivalent to more than 1 times the effect of Shadow step while my deck also adds cult pharmacists, critical moment can restore a lot of the value of life by Bryan + cult pharmacist.

Here is the card group:

The card did not bring the earth ring or snack vendors, choosing instead cult pharmacist. This card shop in the field of vocational lot of time to restore the value of life to help buy time. VanCleef's role is often to let the opponent have to solution out of this threat, thereby reducing the pressure of the scene.

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Traditional Chinese: 爐石傳說外服標準模式爆牌賊卡組

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