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<< Leap day feeling of (Leap Day >> gives the whole game is relatively bright and lively, it can cause childhood contact with this style works resonate with people. And the player-controlled character is a highlight, two head and body yellow villain action quite flexible. though the game uses pixel style, but still gives a sense of pleasure.

Date << RACING (Leap Day >> is a fast-paced action invented a game, and players have to do is to let the screen villain constantly running back and forth jumping to the highest point of the level of the game is very simple operation simple, but seemingly simple double jump and slow down the walls of the time difference makes it difficult to grasp. in addition, as another interesting place, the daily levels are not the same.

game screenshot

The game screen with 2D vertical version of the presentation screen, the style still continues the developer Nitrome consistent Kichiku tradition, the game will be very bold range of colors splicing together, and then with the strange shape but very cartoon all kinds of role modeling, formed a very unique visual effect. musical performance is also full of nonsensical feeling a strong sense of rhythm, but just a bit messy BGM game Kichiku picture perfect combination, can provide absolute players bring a very different type of audio-visual feast.

game screenshot

Date << RACING (Leap Day >> use touch-screen operation, players can click on the screen so that characters jump toward the corresponding direction, the continuous click you can also use the legendary 'double jump', apart from no other operational areas, but the operation of this seemingly simple but actually play it is still difficult to grasp, requiring players repeatedly practicing.

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Genre: Action Leisure

Application platform: iOS

The leap day single + action + Leisure + Bus Size: 55.6 MB | Price: Free | Whether insourcing: 97,973 is to go to iTunes to download exclusive packs 7.4

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Traditional Chinese: 今日手遊:吃貨的日常《飛躍之日》

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