Brave New diverted to play tennis as "tennis white" book shelves this summer

Updated: May 20, 2016  Views: 200

Japan COLOPL recently announced to its popular white hand travel plan << >> (white pu ro ji e ku Suites role debut play against tennis player tennis tour white << >> (white Te ni su, the new work is scheduled for this summer shelves now accepting advance registration. (official website

A week ago COLOPL disclosed mysterious official website 'ma ni sa movement' has finally revealed the answer, new work << >> white tennis is a equipped COLOPL proud single finger operation floating bubble button tennis battle hand tour. < <white plan >> those familiar characters are full debut in this production, at the same time, the game also supports 1vs1 and 2vs2 multiplayer mode and so on.

Currently the official website just add the game's official LINE account as a friend to complete advance registration, according to the number of advance reservations will be sent containing white Prestige ceremony << >> plan within the package! Like white tennis players go and make an appointment now!

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Traditional Chinese: 勇者改行打網球 新作《白貓網球》預定今夏上架

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