Kaoyan political review to what extent

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PubMed politics should review to what extent the job in order to get a new high score LONDON PubMed channel view, there are four political subjects foothold review:?? System, the macro understanding, focus and current affairs focus, when reviewing candidates hope 2017 can be implemented.

First, form a system.

Rote is good, but time-consuming, is easy to forget. We can put political subjects listings reading process back down, and then string together their own understanding, and ultimately be able to do naturally recall the broad framework in mind, big catalogs, directories small, little knowledge directory, remembered by reciting the knowledge of the specific content, at least the key chapter to achieve this level. after the formation of the system is not easy to forget, but more importantly, in time be able to answer the contents of the required fingertips.

Second, understand the macro.

To understand the macro when the political system in this course to review the logic behind each subject is organized, but also on a microscopic understanding of the definition of knowledge, elaborated, etc. For example, the content of much of Marxist philosophy, starting from the basic problem of philosophy, from the material world to the world of contact, and the law of development, from the nature of human practices and processes to recognize the basic structure of nature and human society, two main lines. after a clear logical system, only in some details enhance understanding.

Third, the main focus recite word for word.

Highlights such as Margery some theories, are used in many places, so we have to fight back down. In addition, a large number of back exercises Discrimination questions, short-answer, discussion can also recite the focus, but also put in some effort and focus on the topic and summarize the answer ideas.

Fourth, focus on current events and increase background.

On the international situation and domestic situation, hot events, it is best able to look from a different perspective. If a candidate more interested in current affairs, then it is easier to review these, with these background knowledge in the examination answer when integrated their knowledge go to a, the effect should PubMed (microblogging) should be good.

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Traditional Chinese: 考研政治復習到什麽程度

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