"Zhu Xian 3" to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the wave of products to create a limited edition T-shirt first exposure

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3 >> << Zhu Xian fashion statement issued by the ninth anniversary of 'Zhu Xian Chi-made, fun in the game', the first Chinese tour ends first wave of cards! Derivatives and inventive game popular wave of products perfect combination of a whole new look to redefine the game around, and with international brands Chow Sang Sang made a strategic cross-border cooperation, the introduction of the Collector's Edition of gold jewelry 'Acacia bell'! Limited edition commemorative influx of goods today first exposure, along with a preview.

Time did not allow nine 3 >> << Zhu Xian hesitant, but constantly forward, vibrant. Zhu Xian 3 >> << nine years accumulated a large group of players to form their own unique culture and Zhu Xian style to young users as the main body of 3 >> << Zhu Xian, try new challenges, players know and love with the image of an element of the game, by avant-garde design, the T-shirt, charging treasure, baseball caps, suitcases and other derivatives products added dark wind, metal wind, wind and other graffiti style, to create a new generation of players to meet the taste of the surrounding flow.

Acacia bell hand-painted artwork
3 >> << Zhu Xian Chow Sang Sang and strategic cooperation

The 3 >> << Zhu Xian tide brand launch not only meet the tastes and needs immediate younger age groups, or the development of an innovative game! Create 3 >> << Zhu Xian Tide brand itself is a subversion of the traditional, flaunt personality behavior. Young people are not legalistic labels, young vitality and power comes from the challenge of innovation! 3 >> << Zhu Xian surrounding Tide brand new love is not just the players, but also fashion statement!

3 >> << Zhu Xian surrounding schematic fashion
3 >> << Zhu Xian surrounding schematic fashion
3 >> << Zhu Xian influx of goods pattern

Summer is coming, it is time to give you a little look at the different colors! 3 >> << Zhu Xian T- shirt in the first wave of products on sale today! Cutting-edge design, unique style, players can only read the sign, all this combination allows 3 >> << Zhu Xian players influx of goods become fun label is worth mentioning that these trends avant-garde designs are a single product from beautiful designer pimpin (Pan Ting hand mirror.

3 >> << Zhu Xian Tide brand beauty designer 'Pimpin '
Beauty designer 'Pimpin 'DEDECATES 3 >> << Zhu Xian wave of products

He graduated from famous universities - Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts pimpin, the trend has a unique perspective and taste, love of the game, she has been involved in the production of a series of peripheral DOTA2 design, we created a lot of players this time won peripheral products. she put on Zhu Xian, love and combining their professional, created a number of surrounding full of stylish pop elements for 3 >> << Zhu Xian players to create unique tide products! Do their own spokesmen, show your love << >> Zhu Xian 3 let you fall in love with a personality of its own!

3 >> << Zhu Xian first wave of products T- shirt sale
<< >> Zhu Xian 3 products T- shirt tide schematic

Zhu Xian love you, not only full of stylish collection of 3 >> << Zhu Xian surrounding the recent collection can also >> << Zhu Xian 3 of gold jewelry 'Acacia bell'! 3 >> << Zhu Xian nine anniversary and Chow Sang Sang made a strategic cross-border cooperation, Jingdong exclusive sale 3 >> << Zhu Xian gold jewelry, commemorative collection of treasures limit buy! Collectible hobby you can not miss the opportunity! Future, 3 >> << Zhu Xian will continue to create other products, so that you love the game love the trend of obtaining dual meet!

About 3 << Zhu Xian >>

Perfect World's 3D fantasy Zhu Xian 3 new tour << >>, << Zhu Xian >> breakthrough in the original framework of the story, to create a pure original novel sequel. On the basis of the five original >> << Zhu Xian sects, an increase of one family, God three major ethnic and racial 16-day clock big job, a new version of the 'decisive battle Wun' May 31 the official beta, when brought 17 major professional 'return cloud'! Then will give players more stimulating challenge. 'Decisive battle Yun' will be fully upgraded to create more fantasy world of comprehension, Chi Chan adjourned absolutely love Xiaofan, Baguio, Lu Xueqi between.

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Traditional Chinese: 《誅仙3》九周年打造紀念潮品 限量版T恤首曝

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